Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Validates Him

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Validates Him

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Robyn Brown has been willing to stand up for her husband Kody Brown. During the pandemic, Robyn was the only woman to stand up to Kody Brown and his rules of social distance. He imposed very strict rules on the family and his wives and most of his children were not interested in those rules.

Robyn Brown seems to be Kody Brown’s favourite wife and since the pandemic is upon them, she has been with him most of the time. He helps her look after the younger children they have together. That’s one of the reasons he hired a nanny to help her at home. Just when Kody Brown thought it was safe, the nanny’s husband contracted COVID and it threw many of the rules he had set for the family upside down.

Robyn Brown had one big insight about Kody Brown. She told fans that she’s not too hard on those rules, she’s really just afraid of her family getting sick. He wants to protect them all, but if they get sick, he felt there was no going back.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Validates Him

Robyn and Kody Brown were shocked when her nanny’s husband tested positive for COVID. Their nanny had her whole family around her and it worried her. She became so worried because they were having Ari’s birthday party and they could have exposed everyone who came to the party. Since Robyn and Ari had already been infected by their babysitter, could others at the party be infected with COVID?

We’ll find out more in new episodes of Sister Wives. While we hope all the children were healthy and didn’t come into contact with COVID, Robyn is terrified for all of them. She really regrets throwing Ari a birthday party at all. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

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