Sister Wives: Kody Brown Says Split From Christine Brown Comes With ‘Great Deal of Sadness’

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Says Split From Christine Brown Comes With ‘Great Deal of Sadness’

Sister Wives fans have just learned that Kody Brown has confirmed his split with Christine Brown. The two have had a rocky marriage for the past few years and have made the decision to separate. Fans weren’t surprised by the news as Christine had already moved back to Utah.

Christine Brown has made it clear for several seasons that she thinks Kody Brown has dropped the ball in their marriage. She has also been wanting to move back to Utah since the polygamy laws changed. Christine Brown is one of the most popular Sister Wives stars, thanks to her bubbly personality.

While fans doubted Kody Brown’s third wife would ever fly away, she made a big move this summer when it was revealed that her house in Arizona had been sold. Kody Brown and Christine Brown married in 1994, just a year after he entered into a spiritual union with Janelle.

Christine Brown also believed she would be the last husband, but soon learned that Kody would take a fourth wife while she was pregnant. This news made her very unhappy and now the tensions have ended their marriage for good.

Both Kody Brown and Christine Brown confirmed on Instagram that their marriage is over. Although she was never legally married to Kody Brown, neither of them wanted to continue their spiritual union.

In a post with a simple blue background, Kody shared that Christine decided to leave the family. He said his wife’s choice has made him “sadness”. Kody Brown’s tone was melancholy as he noted that he has a lot of respect for his ex-wife, with whom he will co-parent. Now that the parting is official, the couple are moving on on different paths and fans are keen to see what the new season brings.

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