Sister Wives: Kody Sees Christine In Mirror Devouring Food

Sister Wives: Kody Sees Christine In Mirror Devouring Food

Sister Wives’ star, Kody Brown, almost gave in when he wooed Christine Brown after seeing her eating in the back seat of his car. This happened right around the time Kody first developed romantic feelings for Christine Brown.

Christine Brown had been a friend for quite some time before she married Kody Brown. Christine Brown joined Meri Brown and Kody Brown on a road trip to the Wyoming farm owned by the family of the Patriarch of the Sister Wives.

This story comes from the book “The Making of Sister Wives: A Story of an Unconventional Marriage”. The book was published during the first seasons of the TLC program and reached number one on The New York Times’ list of Best Sellers.

Sister Wives: Kody Sees Christine In Mirror Devouring Food

All five adults of the Sister Wives participated in the writing of this book. One of the many stories Kody Brown told began during a journey. At the time he saw Christine Brown through the rearview mirror of a car. What she described is quite daunting for the fans. This gives more fuel to the people out there wondering what these four women could ever see in Kody.

This trip was before Janelle even entered the picture of the Sister Wives as a second wife. Christine Brown was upside down for Kody and wanted to marry him and become Meri’s wife. Christine Brown, who was not a Brown at the time, sat in the back seat.

This young husband was driving and his first wife, Meri, sat in the front seat with him. The whole trip, Kody Brown caught a glimpse of Christine in the mirror. Kody said the trio drove all night and stopped at a Quickie Mart in the morning.

After that stop, the next glimpse in the rearview mirror stunned Kody Brown. There he saw a “chubby” Christine eating a breakfast consisting of the largest portion of chili nachos he had ever seen. This he did for the future hubby shared by the Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Sight Burned Into Kody Brown’s Mind

Apparently, that Christine Brown scene stuck in his mind. His potential future wife for the Sister Wives tribe had chili and cheese all over the place while she ate her food. He admits that it drove him to act superficially. But he backed out of courtship because of that image of a heavy girl devouring all that food.

Christine met Kody Brown and realized almost immediately that she wanted him as her husband. In the book she refers to the story of Kody’s rearview mirror. Christine said that at the time she had no idea what was going through the mind of the common husband of sister wives.

It seems that Christine would have endured heartbreak before the stars aligned and made her the third wife of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives clan. That includes his initial choice of a teenager for his second wife. This one hit Christine like a ton of bricks.

Written by Emma Fisher

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  1. Said Christine wanted Kodi as husband immediately. Poor thing she still doesn’t have him as husband. Run Christine run. He certainly is no prize.

  2. Shouldn’t mean anything to the women what Kodi thinks. He’s just trying to get money from Meri. They all need to run from this sex pervert. Don’t it gross them out that he’s having sex with all of them. Now tell me that’s not nasty

  3. What is sad is they really tried selling this lifestyle, but seriously only proved how it doesn’t work.i hope Meri takes her money and leaves the whole sorry bunch

  4. He does act like he’s God’s gift to these women. And I even read that he’s lookng for a fifth wife. He can barely take care of the ones he has. It looks like Robyn was getting pretty fed up with him about buying a house. He made such a mess moving them from VEGAS. The guy doesn’t know what he wants. A big house so he can bounce from room to room!

  5. Why are you even bringing this up when that happened so long ago, you did end up with her so enough said on that!!! Get over yourself Kody, you think your all that and a bag of chips!! I hope Christine is well and she is beautiful, inside and out.

  6. I think all these women need to leave him. He has been witn Meri for how long and then has the nerve to say he never wanted to marry her in the first place I personally think he just used the adoption of Robins kids as an excuse to divorce Meri. But good for Meri she can just walk away.

  7. I still think he moved them all to Flagstaff because Robyn’s son was going to college there. Who else? Meri needs to cash out & run! Poor Janelle thinks she just wants a bff in Kody but I’m sorry hun you will regret that soon. Iit gets mighty lonely. Christine well she’s just going to keep herself in the running & just might get ahead if Robyn keeps botching & acting like she’s running the show & (sorry, not sorry) keeps gaining weight. (Have you seen her mother?). So I’m betting on Christine… unless Kody snags a younger #5!

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