Sister Wives: Meri Continually Defends Herself

Sister Wives: Meri Continually Defends Herself

Fans of Sister Wives will watch as the spouses go through a series of changes. Over the course of fifteen seasons, it is evident that each wife has her own loyal base.

Conversely, there are some women who like certain people less than others. This is one of the reasons why Robyn Brown has earned the nickname “Sobbyn Robyn”. She always seems to be crying about something.

Meri, however, seems to be going back and forth on many things lately, as documented on her social media accounts. This makes fans wonder, is Meri the new Sobbyn Robyn Brown? Read on to find out more.

Sister Wives Meri Brown recently took to Instagram to explain herself… Again. From her social media, it seems Meri doesn’t know what she wants. Sometimes she complains about the attention and advice she gets from onlookers.

At the same time, she seems to capture it when she comes to social media to defend herself. Consequently, this has led some people to compare Meri to Sobbyn Robyn.

Notably, Meri Brown’s latest post has a very long headline. But the quote at the beginning sums it up nicely. It reads. “I know my value, anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter,” writes Meri. Meri then goes on to provide a list of things she “gets”.

The headline shows that Meri is paying attention to what is being said about her on social media. She acknowledges that she is “in the public eye” and that people “want the best for her”. Does she know that there is a group of fans calling for a Meri Brown spin-off show? One fan has already dubbed it “Moving On With Meri”.

Sister Wives: Meri Continually Defends Herself

It is clear from the whole headline that Meri Brown knows she has people who support her, but she is also aware of the haters. He goes on to explain that he knows his “worth” and “value”. Presumably, this may be a loss to the people who tell her she is too good for Kody Brown.

She also says: “That I know what’s in my heart and my head”. While his whole post is cryptic and open to interpretation, it may mean that he knows his next move regarding Kody Brown’s situation. Consequently, he may not be ready to share it with the world. In the end, however, he says, “I’m not a quitter.”

Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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