Sister Wives: Meri Shocked The Viewers

Sister Wives: Meri Shocked The Viewers

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown turned a bit of a mystery last season with Kody Brown and some fans think her Mariah Brown is at the centre of it. Meri Brown heard that Kody regretted the day they got married. She also learned that he only keeps Meri Brown as his first wife out of moral obligation. This is how Kody Brown described his feelings towards Meri during a therapy session.

That shocking Sister Wives performance was followed by something even more shocking. Meri Brown didn’t do or say anything about Kody’s revelation to despise her on the surface.

Instead, this mother of one seemed very involved in trying to create what she once had with the husband she shared. But Kody Brown rejected the idea. Now it seems that Meri Brown must do as Kody Brown and try to build something new. That’s if she wants it back.

Sister Wives: Meri Shocked The Viewers

The followers of the Sister Wives were outraged by Kody Brown’s words. But they seemed more shocked by Meri’s response to Kody during that session. Many fans hoped against all hope that Meri Brown would leave. Not in the future, but immediately. Especially after his demeaning words became a source of pain and embarrassment.

She looked at the Sister Wives cameras and said she had no idea where it all came from. But she stayed even after that horrible gesture of her common husband.

The Sister Wives’ followers know she didn’t leave because the two of them appeared together on social media last week. Their relationship didn’t seem tense at the time. It seems that a footage of an episode from the third season of this TLC program may shed some light on her fear of leaving.

Several years ago, Meri Brown enjoyed leaving her husband. The only thing that stopped her then was her one and only daughter, Mariah Brown. She was afraid that leaving Kody Brown would hurt Mariah by taking her away from her brothers and her huge family.

Sister Wives: Splitting With Kody A Decade In The Making?

So, Meri Brown hasn’t been satisfied in the last decade in the Sister Wives clan, or so it seems. But today Mariah is a grown woman preparing to walk down the aisle and marry her college girlfriend, Audrey Kriss. So, Meri’s departure should no longer be a problem – or not?

In the season leading up to Sister Wives’ last season, Meri Brown tried to mend fences with Mariah Brown. Her daughter was angry at her mother about the catfishing incident. While Mariah said she could put it behind her, but that her mother needed her share in the scandal.

Mariah Brown wanted her mother to say it was her and the con artist’s fault. Most of all, she wanted Meri to stop playing the victim. Mariah Brown seemed hard on her mother in a couple of Sister Wives episodes because of that. It looked like Audrey stepped in and pushed Mariah to make amends with her mother.

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