Sister Wives: No Replies From Meri Brown

Sister Wives: No Replies From Meri Brown

Sister Wives fans heard a lot of rumours and spoilers about Christine Brown. Recently, she finally made it official and announced that she and Kody Brown were splitting up.

This came after teasers for season 16 hinted very strongly that she would no longer talk to Kody Brown about their marriage. It also followed the news that she listed her Flagstaff home and sold it. Other spoilers revealed that Christine Brown had already moved to Utah.

Following the news that Christine Brown has officially quit Kody Brown, she shared a post about the positive reception to the change. It can’t be easy for her, especially since in their faith, polygamy comes with so many mental burdens.

Clearly, she made a desperate choice to get a new life. Meanwhile, fans suspect that Janelle may have also moved to Utah with Christine Brown. This rumor arose after she and Christine recently moved Savanah and Truely to California. No one knows where Janelle moved when the colder weather arrived. However, she told her fans that she will stop living in her camper for the winter.

Naturally, TLC fans are worried that Sister Wives may be cancelled after season 16. After all, many people saw that for the first time in a long time, Janelle seemed unhappy with Kody Brown.

In addition, many think that Meri has actually left Kody Brown a long time ago. They speculate that she is only seemingly going out to be part of the family for the show. On social media, no one seems to be interested in a show with only Kody and Robyn. At this point, it’s not remotely impossible that the other three women are making a life without them.

Sister Wives: No Replies From Meri Brown

Since the official announcement of the separation, Christine Brown and her children have been very quiet on social media. Paedon last posted on Halloween. Meanwhile, Gwendyln is quiet. However, she liked a post her mother shared about the separation.

Meanwhile, Ysabel last posted about her move to North Carolina for college. Truely’s account is also quiet, and Mykelti isn’t dripping any tea at the moment. Aspyn shut down his social media to strangers long ago. So fans turn to Meri Brown, who is always active on social media.

Sister Wives fans who asked about Christine, Meri and the future of the show were out of luck. True to her words, Meri doesn’t take to chatting about the rest of the Brown family She completely ignores the questions and doesn’t talk about them during the podcast. So, sorry folks – there’s nothing here but two women enjoying chatting about anything but the TLC show.

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