Sister Wives: Showing It Off.

Sister Wives: Showing It Off.

Since Ysabel Brown had scoliosis surgery, she has become increasingly comfortable with her new statuesque body. Her already tall stature is now straightened and she has truly come into her own. She left Flagstaff for North Carolina where she lives with her older sister Maddie and her family.

She also attends college and makes sure to make the most of every moment. Ysabel is constantly taking pictures of her adventures where she is often seen showing off her svelte figure. In her latest photo, she is blowing her rear end with fun and no shame.

It wasn’t always easy for Ysabel to love herself or even love her body. At the age of thirteen, the daughter of Kody Brown and his third wife Christine Brown was diagnosed with scoliosis. This is a curvature of the spine and can sometimes require surgery to correct. The doctor she was being treated by gave her several exercises in an attempt to correct the scoliosis on her own.

Unfortunately, this consumed hours of the teen’s day, and the braces she had to wear were extremely uncomfortable. She began to feel that her life revolved around school and exercises. Also, if the curve didn’t resolve itself, Ysabel blamed herself for not working hard enough.

Fortunately, they had some success, but when the family moved from Las Vegas to Flagstaff, her curve was more than fifty degrees. Ysabel was in constant pain, so Christine Brown sought out the best doctor and they decided surgery was the only solution. Kody Brown was adamantly against it as it was occurring during the pandemic, but this was essential. Christine Brown and Ysabel headed to New Jersey for the procedure while Kody Brown stayed home. It was a difficult journey but Ysabel had the support of her siblings.

She began to feel proud of herself when her siblings praised her scar and Christine Brown leaned in to get a tattoo over it when she turned eighteen. Ysabel was even her father’s height, so she began to feel more confident. When the pain subsided, the teen exercised her freedom by showing off her scar in a bikini that led her to wear more revealing clothing. Ysabel now feels proud enough to face the world and show off her assets.

Sister Wives: Showing It Off.

The other day, Ysabel Brown posed in a low-cut sundress next to a friend. This is not the first time she has worn short or revealing outfits. She has a penchant for short skirts and low-cut dresses, something her father is strongly against.

Her mother, Christine Brown, has also started showing off her slimmer figure since she left Kody Brown and moved to Utah. It seems that both of them are a bit lighter and freer since they broke the chains, as Christine has posted photos in tight black leggings and knee-high boots.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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