Sister Wives Stars Janelle and Meri Brown Are Different

Sister Wives Stars Janelle and Meri Brown Are Different

Sister Wives fans know that Janelle Brown used to seem more like a friend to Kody than a wife. Well, obviously they had a marital relationship in the past, considering she raised six children. But of all the women, she seemed to handle jealousy better. Has he now reached the point where he just doesn’t care?

Sister Wives Stars Janelle and Meri Brown Are Different

Meri Brown went off and had a kitten, but she still remains on the outskirts of the family. She always claims she never left Kody Brown because she loves her family. In this respect, Janelle Brown seems similar to Meri. However, they are very different in personality, fans agree.

While Meri Brown actually seems desperate for her husband’s attention, Janelle Brown does not. TLC fans think that she is a strong person who can walk out the door whenever she wants to, and it might be because she doesn’t live for her husband’s attention.

Although Sister Wives star Robyn Brown claims in season 16 that she really wants polygamy, TLC fans aren’t convinced. In fact, they think that if Janelle Brown follows Christine and leaves, and if Meri Brown disappears, Robyn would be fine with it. Now that Christine has left, fans are calling on her other wife to do the same. But does she care enough about her husband to even bother jumping out of her comfort zone?

In season 16, fans will see Janelle Brown become irritated with Kody Brown and his Covid rules. This time, however, she seems more than upset because Kody seems to be brutal to her children.

This made Mama Bear growl. And yet she doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to just get out of his life. In a teaser for the show over the weekend, she admitted it would be easy to pack up and leave.

Wow, the Sister Wives star decides to just tell her husband where she’s getting off with the kids. She doesn’t really seem to care what the man thinks. Clearly she was thinking about leaving, but as she pointed out, she’s still there, despite the fact that leaving would be so “easy”. He seems to love the company of other women and all the children, but it is unlikely that the days of large family gatherings will ever return. So with no children around it is even easier to go out.

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