Sister Wives: Where Is Kody Brown And Where Has He Been?

Sister Wives: Where Is Kody Brown And Where Has He Been?

Sister Wives Spoilers suggests that Kody Brown has been missing from social media for a year. This week, however, he breaks his silence to post a Cameo ad. Do the Browns need the money, or does Kody just believe that please want to chat to her?

Sister Wives Kody Brown posted “Hey Everyone, I’m On Cameo”. Kody’s latest Instagram post was covered with negative comments about Kody and his mistreatment of his wives.

However, now that he’s on Cameos, fans are having to pay to give him their opinion. Some fans were upset that Kody Brown wouldn’t talk about family issues, while others suggested Meri Brown pay for a cameo for Kody to talk to her. It looks like things with Meri Brown may be over, although fans were hoping for a reunion.

Unfortunately, Kody Brown’s double standards seem to have ended any hope of fixing the relationship, no matter how much the fans or Meri might want it. Will Kody continue to post on Instagram and keep fans up to date with his family?

Sister Wives: Where Is Kody Brown And Where Has He Been?

Sister Wives Kody has been pretty quiet about his whereabouts lately, but many believe he’s been with Robyn Brown. It is unlikely that he has been on the Coyote Pass property with Janelle. Meri is in Utah running her bed and breakfast and seems to have lost touch with most of the family.

Christine and Robyn Brown are the only two left that she can stay with. Kody was last seen having dinner with Janelle, but we know he also attended Ysabel’s graduation.

After that, Kody disappeared and even the wives don’t talk about him regularly. Janelle just posted a photo of a family reunion without Kody.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.


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