Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Says No

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Says No

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that the Brown family may be adding more wives. Rumours are spreading fast, but it seems that one of the women, Robyn Brown, might not be so keen on Kody Brown taking on other women.

A few years ago, he did try to take on another wife, possibly to replace Meri Brown, but she didn’t want to be part of the family. It seems Robyn may have been to blame.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Says No

Kody Brown was very happy to be able to take another wife, but it seems Robyn Brown told him she wouldn’t allow it. The sea was in the middle of an online dating scandal and rejected Kody Brown, so he looked for another woman. A source who knows the family well has started talking about this woman and how Robyn Brown had a big problem with her. Apparently, he eventually proposed to this woman, but because of the problems between her and Robyn, she told him that they had to stop seeing each other and he was moving on. The source said that Kody Brown was heartbroken about it all and he felt very rejected by it all.

The woman in whom Kody had invested so much time and energy was shocked by the way Robyn treated her. She said she was very controlling and that she didn’t think life with the Browns would be like this. Obviously it was a big wake up call for her! According to the source, the family was ready to take on another wife, but Robyn completely rejected this.

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