Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Rumored Fifth Wife

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Rumored Fifth Wife

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is one of Kody Brown’s most hated wives. Apparently viewers think Robyn Brown is manipulative and has caused so many problems in the family. It is now claimed that Robyn is also one of the main reasons why Kody stopped looking for a fifth wife.

There are also reports claiming that Kody rejected a potential fifth wife because of Robyn Brown. Meanwhile, fans continue to storm Robyn’s social media and accuse him of destroying the plural family.

Sister Wives star Robyn reportedly prevented Kody from getting a fifth wife. It is common knowledge that Robyn is Kody Brown’s favourite wife. Because of this, fans believe that Kody will follow whatever Robyn wants. Fans also think that Robyn Brown wants to be the main focus of Kody’s attention. Kody himself even made big decisions just to show how much he loves Robyn.

Apparently, Kody divorced Meri in order to legally marry Robyn. Fans also think that Kody’s decision also left a huge mark on his and Meri’s relationship. Fans also think that Robyn’s coming is responsible for Kody and Meri’s endless fights.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown’s Rumored Fifth Wife

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has revealed in her final season that she no longer wants to promote polygamy. However, reports claimed that Kody actually already has the prospect of a 5th wife in 2018. However, it has also been reported that he was rejected because of one of Kody’s wives.

According to reports, Kody’s marriage proposal was rejected by his 25-year-old 5th wife prospect Robyn. Reports claimed that the woman told Kody that she did not like the way Robyn was controlling him. In addition, the woman said that Robyn’s surveillance of Kody was not working for her.

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