Sister Wives: Janelle Brown & Kody Brown Have Date Night!

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown & Kody Brown Have Date Night!

When Janelle Brown announced that she was going to live in a mobile home, fans were all worried for her. The Sister Wives star lost her rental house and instead of finding a new one, had to live in a mobile home.

This was when her followers started criticizing her shared husband, Kody Brown, for not helping her while living in a mansion with his favorite wife. In addition, rumours of their separation began to surface. However, it seems that despite all the problems, everything is fine between the couple.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown & Kody Brown Have Date Night!

Last month, we learned that Janelle Brown had sadly lost her rental house as it had been put up for sale. Fans were worried about where she and her children were going to live and were waiting for the rest of the Brown family to help her.

Eventually, however, TV announced that she would now be living the life of a camper van parked on their infamous Coyote Pass property. This was when Kody started to receive all sorts of criticism. Fans tore into him for leaving Coyote Pass empty and not building a house even two years after buying it.

On the other hand, people also pointed out that he should have helped his second wife find a better and safer place to live. Moreover, in all the posts and stories Janelle shared on social media, Kody Brown was not seen in any of them.

This worried fans, who thought the mother of six could handle everything on her own. While the Brown family patriarch was fully focused on his favourite and youngest wife Robyn. However, it turns out that things are fine between him and Janelle after all.

The Sister Wives celebrity recently posted a picture on her Instagram showing her making dinner with her common-law husband. It was a selfie with Kody, with the caption revealing their evening ‘al fresco’ dinner. In addition, Janelle revealed that they were also totally Chinese dining, “because some days you count the wins where you can”. Fans were relieved that the TV star had support during this difficult time.

Written by Evelyn Foster

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