Sister Wives Fans Think Meri Brown Has Been Mentally Abused.

Sister Wives Fans Think Meri Brown Has Been Mentally Abused.

Sister Wives fans have new worries as Meri Brown appears to have admitted that she has been abused by Kody. Where exactly did Meri imply that she was abused by Kody Brown?

Sister Wives Fans Think Meri Brown Has Been Mentally Abused.

According to The Sun, Meri Brown recently shared a message about mental abuse in her Instagram stories. The update has Sister Wives fans fearing the worst. Was Meri a victim of mental abuse? Is Kody Brown abusing his wives? Or is he only abusive towards Meri?

Fans know that this relationship has been on the rocks for some time. Some claim that things have gone badly for this couple since the man legally divorced so he could legally marry Robyn to adopt her children.

It turns out that Meri recently shared a post containing advice for someone who has been mentally abused. This post has fans scratching their heads. Did the TLC personality share advice about mental abuse because she had experienced it herself? Did he know that this advice was useful because of his personal experience?

Sister Wives fans love Meri very much. She is definitely a fan favourite. So these tips for someone who is a victim of mental abuse didn’t sit well with the fans. It left many with an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of their stomachs because they feared the worst.

Now, it’s not entirely unexpected for fans to suspect Kody of abusing his wife. It wasn’t that long ago that Meri Brown was talking about how she was being manipulated. This, however, is what she posted on her Instagram profile.

So it wasn’t something that was out of time. Unless she decided to delete it, the message was there for the world to see. Was Kody Brown the one who manipulated her? Did this post mean she was over him for good?

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