Sister Wives: Where Is Meri Brown Living Right Now?

Sister Wives: Where Is Meri Brown Living Right Now?

The Brown family is going through something very serious and huge. In May, Janelle Brown’s rental home in Flagstaff, AZ, was sold. Because of this, she had to move into an RV placed on the family property in Coyote Pass.

On the other hand, Kody Brown’s third wife, Christine Brown, is also selling her $700,000 home, which is still on the market. However, one of the most shocking news coming from the cast of Sister Wives is that Meri Brown has also lost her rental home, just like Janelle Brown.

A few years ago, the Brown family made the hardest decision of all: to leave Las Vegas and move to Flagstaff. While Robyn and Christine Brown were able to buy their expensive homes, Janelle and Meri moved into rental properties instead.

Kody Brown’s first wife, Meri Brown, began living in her $1 million home all alone because her daughter Mariah had moved out. However, that home has officially been sold now. As per listings on several real estate websites, including Realtor and Zillow, Meri’s rental home recently sold for a whopping $1,465,000. According to the pricing history on Zillow, the home was listed for sale on May 20, 2021, for $1.35 million. This was around the same time that Janelle’s home went on the market.

However, after months of struggling to sell it, the home was officially sold on July 16, 2021, for 8.5% more. The massive property had four bedrooms and four bathrooms along with several jaw-dropping amenities.

Sister Wives: Where Is Meri Brown Living Right Now?

Meri Brown had a hard time living on her own because Kody Brown barely visited her. In addition, things became even more difficult when she lost her mother. After her mother passed away, Meri revealed that she moved to Utah to run her Heritage Inn.

According to her social media, she had been living in Utah since May or June, which is when her rental home went on the market. About two months later, the house was officially sold, which means Meri may have moved her belongings. However, not long ago, Meri confirmed that she is back in Flagstaff. Since her rental home has been sold, she may be living somewhere else. Now, there is a possibility that she is living on the Coyote Pass property in a mobile home just like Janelle.

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