Sister Wives: Has Kody Brown Moved To Coyote Pass?

Sister Wives: Has Kody Brown Moved To Coyote Pass?

Kody Brown shook things up last night by making an unexpected appearance on Instagram. As those who follow the Brown family on social media know, Kody isn’t exactly known for being active. He came out of the closet not too long ago to promote his new business.

His business was met with mixed feedback, as fans weren’t too thrilled that he was using them to make money when he hadn’t been active for so long.

Even on Twitter, Kody tends to only be active during new seasons of his show. Thus, Sister Wives fans assume that this sudden burst of activity is because Kody needs the money.

Sister Wives: Has Kody Brown Moved To Coyote Pass?

No one expected Kody Brown to make a post on Instagram late last night. But he did. It wasn’t a picture of him or any of his family members. Instead, it was a picture of his yard.

Now, 157 weeks ago, Kody shared a rather similar snapshot on his profile. The caption was quite different than the one he included in his post late last night.

It’s clear that Kody has a deep love for the land he purchased in Flagstaff. He, however, has not been able to do much with it. And Sister Wives fans believe it’s simply because he ran out of money.

Sister Wives fans admit they were surprised to see Kody Brown post something. Most agree that the photo is beautiful. Some, however, also admit that they wish Kody would stop living on dreams and start building houses on this property. Some Sister Wives fans pointed out that it was his wife Janelle who brought the yard to life. And others have wondered if the photo was taken from Robyn Brown’s house.

Written by Emma Fisher

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