Sister Wives: Why Robyn Brown Needs A Nanny.

Sister Wives: Why Robyn Brown Needs A Nanny.

The biggest question during season 16 of Sister Wives revolved around Robyn Brown and her nanny. Ysabel, Christine’s daughter, was eager to see her siblings at Robyn and Kody Brown’s. Unfortunately, the rules were so strict that she was told no. However, Christine soon learned that her sister’s husband and wife had brought in a nanny from the outside. So, what rules did the nanny follow that allowed her into the house but Ysabel was expelled?

Being in a plural marriage has its advantages. One of the main advantages is that there is always someone there to take care of your children when needed. When the series began in 2010, Meri, Janelle and Christine were all living under one roof.

Janelle Brown openly expressed how much she enjoyed being out of the house and working. Although she had older children who were willing to help around the house, Christine was the main homemaker. She was there to cook and teach the younger children.

Robyn Brown was never able to be a part of that culture since she had yet to marry Kody. She always lived separate from the family, so it was an easy transition when they moved to Las Vegas. Each wife had her own home and space. The kids were still bouncing from house to house, but the wives had autonomy for the first time. During these years, Robyn welcomed her only two biological children with Kody. She had brought three children with her from a previous marriage, but their first child, Solomon, quickly joined the family.

Eventually Ariella was born and that’s when a nanny was first discussed. All the wives had always relied on each other, so what made Robyn so special? Besides, why couldn’t she just use one of the older children for extra help? Instead, he brought in his niece as a nanny, but she didn’t want to move to Flagstaff, so they hired outside help. This was during a pandemic, however with Kody’s strict rules.

Sister Wives: Why Robyn Brown Needs A Nanny.

She doesn’t seem to be working, as My SisterWife’s Closet is now defunct. Her three older children are fairly self-sufficient, so why does Robyn Brown still need a nanny? Add in the fact that her sister wife, Meri, loves her two youngest children. She would be perfect to help out when needed. A Reddit thread was started specifically on this topic and answers a lot of questions. “Dusting all those knick-knacks she has is a full-time job, y’all,” one jokingly commented.

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