Sister Wives: Wives Tell-all Shocks Kody Family

Sister Wives: Wives Tell-all Shocks Kody Family

When Sister Wives star Christine Brown announced her divorce in November 2021, fans weren’t really surprised. In fact, fans of the TLC reality show have little hope that the Brown family will actually be happy together.

Despite this, the announcement seems to have surprised Kody Brown and his other three wives. Is the Brown family so out of touch that they can’t see the reality of their polygamous marriage?

Sister Wives: Wives Tell-all Shocks Kody Family

During the Sister Wives Tell-All, Meri Brown seemed shocked that Christine Brown had chosen to end her marriage. Meanwhile, Meri, who is Kody Brown’s first wife, has been estranged from him for several years. Despite this, Meri chose to stay with the family.

However, her choice may have been reflected in the way she viewed Christine Brown’s unhappiness. In fact, despite making her feelings known, Meri was surprised when Christine decided to move away from the Brown family.

Meanwhile, according to Sister Wives fans, Meri should have been the least shocked of the entire Brown family. Fans will recall that in the season 15 finale of the TLC reality show, Meri seemed to bully Christine Brown into staying, telling her that she can’t “give up.”

As for Kody Brown’s second wife, Janelle Brown, she and Christine Brown seem to be the closest family members. Fans will remember Season 16, where Janelle praised Christine for her commitment to helping raise her children.

However, during Tell-All, fans were shocked by Janelle’s reaction to the news. In fact, she said that she had no idea that Christine Brown was unhappy. She also effectively blamed her for the breakup of her marriage.

Many fans and family members believe that Robyn Brown, Kody’s fourth legal wife, appears to be his true love. However, Robyn insists that she signed up for the plural marriage. In fact, she was upset by Christine’s decision to leave the family. According to Robyn, she had no idea that Christine was unhappy and refuses to blame Kody. She seems to truly believe that Christine did not even try to make her marriage with Kody work.

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