What Is Janelle, Christine, Robyn, Meri Brown’s Job Sister Wives?

What Is Janelle, Christine, Robyn, Meri Brown's Job Sister Wives?

In 2010, TLC cameras introduced viewers to the Brown family. The Browns, a polygamist family living in Utah at the time, have become stars thanks to their reality series Sister Wives.

While viewers of the Brown family have enjoyed unraveling the family dynamics, their past is somewhat mysterious. In fact, no one seems entirely sure what family patriarch Kody Brown did to support his family before TLC.

Sister Wives premiered in 2010. During the pilot episode, Kody Brown revealed that he was working as a salesman. He claimed to sell online advertisements, but didn’t talk much about his working life. Fans were quick to notice that Kody Brown’s work life faded relatively quickly. After the first season, Kody made only vague references to work outside of the show. At one point he mentioned marketing and at another point advertising. Viewers of Sister Wives firmly believe that she was involved in several MLMs and it was these sales jobs that she mentioned.

Before all this, however, the Brown family moved frequently to find business opportunities. In the family’s 2012 memoir, Becoming Sister Wives, Kody revealed that she once worked as a logger and traveling salesman in several states, including Wyoming and Utah. The money, however, was probably not great. The family relied on government assistance and several family members have filed for bankruptcy in the past.

Shortly after the show premiered, Kody Brown left his job to help build the Brown family brand. He has reportedly been doing this ever since. Apart from buying expensive property and complaining about the family’s financial situation, Kody doesn’t seem to be doing much to help financially. However, several of his wives do.

What Is Janelle, Christine, Robyn, Meri Brown’s Job Sister Wives?

If Kody thought Sister Wives was enough to keep his family afloat, his wives clearly did not. Each of his four wives at one time or another had a sideline to help bring in extra income for the family. Today, three of his four spiritual partners still work outside the family reality series.

Meri Brown, Kody Brown’s first wife, has two successful businesses to her name. The empty-nester is a top entrepreneur with LuLaRoe, an MLM that sells loudly patterned leggings to the masses. According to one Reddit user, there was a time when Meri was moving thousands a month with product as a top seller.

However, the fate of LuLaRoe as a company appears to be in jeopardy. Several lawsuits threaten to sink the brand. Meri is also the proud owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, a small bed and breakfast in Utah. The inn has only four rooms, but people who have stayed there have given it very good reviews.

Christine Brown, Kody’s third wife, also sells LuLaRoe’s and was once a top entrepreneur. She, like Meri, was invited to join the top makers cruise in 2019. However, her actual sales figures are not available. Kody’s second wife Janelle Brown is a real estate agent, although she doesn’t appear to have sold a home recently. In recent months, fans have noticed that she appears to be selling Plexus, another popular MLM in the Brown family circle. According to KUTV, Utah is the state with the highest number of registered MLM companies. The Brown family lived in Utah for many years and still has ties to the state.

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