Below Deck Med: Adrienne Disagrees With Malia’s Statement

Below Deck Med: Adrienne Disagrees With Malia’s Statement

Below-Deck Mediterranean viewers don’t know the conclusion of Captain Sandy Yawn and Hannah Ferrier’s discussion about the uncovered valium, but some fans are already making a comparison with a similar scenario of the Below Deck season 1.

Bosun Malia White, who was Hannah Ferrier’s cabin mate, found Ferrier’s prescription valium and a CBD pen in her bunk. She took a picture of the drug and sent it to Yawn. Rumor has it that Ferrier was fired, so some fans conclude Ferrier was fired because of the drugs.

But in the long run fans of Below Deck remembered when Kat Held’s stew also had anti-anxiety medications during season 1. She acted erratically and eventually admitted to having them. She wasn’t fired.

Chief stew Adrienne Gang recently tweeted a comparison. “2 all comparing Malia/Hannah with the Adrienne/Kat issue of S1 1)Malia was clearly using “finding” the drugs as a childish opportunity to get her way 2)Hannah was NOT interacting with guests in an irregular manner 3)Kat admitted that she was taking heavy medication and DRINKING ON CHARTER,” she wrote.

Below Deck Med: Adrienne Disagrees With Malia’s Statement

Malia White gave a statement about the drug discovery on Instagram before the incident. She has since deleted the comments, but the comments concerned maritime law and the actions to be taken in case of drug discovery.

“Last week Malia issued a statement saying it is normal for the captain to administer drugs to employees to make sure there is no abuse and nobody falls asleep in an emergency,” a fan in the thread asked. “In your experience, is this the standard?

“No,” replied the Adrienne Gang. “I’ve never had a captain hand out my meds or someone else’s. I asked my captains to put my medicine in the boat safely. I have never had them on ration. The point of having Valium at hand is that you can get it when anxiety strikes.

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  1. Adrienne, you are wrong. Kat never said she had been drinking. Yes she took Valium but she never had a drink that night. And you did not support her when she needed physical protection from your special friend..

  2. Malia’s reasoning for passing along a photo of the prescription drugs is weak at best.

    I would hope that all future captains see what she has done and never hire her again.

    She is vindictive, immature and clearly doesn’t understand rank on a ship.

    You think just because you’re dating someone who happens to be the chef that you automatically get to usurp rank?

    Again – to all captains reading this – don’t ever hire this useless human being again.

    Also, that was absolutely a poor move on Sandy’s part. She should have never gotten involved in that non-issue.

  3. Sorry but Kay admitted on the Reunion Show that she had been drinking as well as taking a heavy dose of her anti anxiety meds .
    She only admitted to the meds to avoid losing her job

  4. HAHAHA….. Kat drank like a drunken sailor! You really think she wasn’t on Medication while drinking 🤔 However, Captain asked to see her script and that was all there was to it. Now with Malia and Captain Sandy, they both love the drama so of course Hannah had to be their entertainment 💩. Hannah is way better off & Sandy will never get in Malia’s panties like she thinks she might! 🤣😂

  5. I can save you the suspense. Captain Sandy and/or Malia will begin speaking out proactive for mental health issues. Get the light off all the creepy, sneaky vibes going on. Give them a little time to get their stories straight. Call it damage control. Once schooled on things by someone Malia is desperately trying to please, stories will align. Also, think of Hannah & how many times, not many, she’s went to the Captain for help & got what? “You’re on your own kid. I want to see you fix it Hannah.” Then, how many times did we see Malia fix something herself, but rather times she went to Capt. Gag. And an old song comes to mind. “I AM WOMAN. HEAR ME ROAR.” Gag again. Malia – empowering women. I thought she would 1st episode, but then there’s reality.

  6. Tell me why Malia, the super important Bosun who throws tantrums to get her way, allowed guests to use water craft equipment and didn’t verify if they could swim? What a legal snafu this could be for this Bossy Boots Bosun. Sorry, sweetheart, you’re not as great as you believe yourself to be.

  7. Kat’s behavior was extremely erratic made worse by excessive drinking. Hannah is a chief stew whose behavior was erratic and made worse by excessive drinking. Huge difference. While Hannah didn’t have an anxiety attack in front of the guests, she still had them while on charter. Combine that with Hannah’s “checked out” attitude. Very dangerous. Malia’s motivation’s are irrelevant.

  8. Malia can deny she acted in spite till the cows come home but she is completely transparent.
    Lil Miss Narcissistic Napoleiette made herself completely unlikable… again.

  9. I thought to myself Malia is doing a great job then she had to go and spoil it by acting like a brat a spoiled little girl throwing her tantrum. Yes, she states at that point I already had my room so why didn’t she send the photos prior to having her room swap. No she waited until after she was pissed off at Hannah. If she was going to turn her in, do it why wait or at least confront Hannah ask if there is a problem, is this something you have to take daily be there for her. You’ve showed your true colors. You have left me with a bad taste. Grow up rather you have a long way to go. STOP THE TANTRUMS or maybe you looking the way you did makes for great tv not you just great tv…

  10. A rat is a rat is a rat.shes your shipmate bitch you should have discussed the valium with her first. SELFISH BITCH!

  11. Malia also demanded respect from the crew and specifically asked not to be called “Sweetheart”. However, perhaps Pete thought it was ok since she kept calling them “boys”. Men don’t like to be talked down to either, Malia know it all.

  12. What i don’t understand is the surprise that she has these. This is not the first season Capt Sandy knows of Hannah’s having anxiety attacks. No offense you can’t tell me she did not know Hannah has prescribed medications for something KNOWN to be going on. So let’s get that straight

  13. Yeah I really thought I was going to like her and then I saw the way she started treating the guys and how she ran to Captain with Petty comments like a little tattletale she reminds me of the youngest child in a family runs around and acts perfect and then throws the rest of the kids under the bus

  14. Hannah did NOTHING wrong. First of oil CBD oil does not get you high. It is sold almost anywhere and without a prescription, 100% legal any where. Valium is NOT a narcotic. It is a muscle relaxer / sedative used for many ailments, in Hannah’s case, panic attacks. Hannah has had these for years and has managed them while being able to work. She even told Captain Sandy about them. She is an excellent chief stu and manages her team well which is no easy task on a yacht. Milia is excellent at what she does but she lacks real life experiences. She is so afraid that she will be disrespected as a boson that she takes every opportunity to let her crew know who they are dealing with. She challanges everything. Bug is excellent too but she can do the fun stuff while Hannah takes care of all behind the scenes details. She takes care of all guests requests, requests of chefs, of captains, of crew, a lot to juggle. Captain Sandy is wrong aboit centerpieces, Hannah does a fine job and it does not mean that she doesnjave jer jead in the game. Don’t let them het tou down Hannah.


  16. I use to like Milia, now forget it… back stabber, childish behavior just so she can sleep with her boyfriend and ruin someone’s career.. F**** her….. I hope no one ever hires her again. Ignorant bitch

  17. Waiting for Malia’s new chef lover blows up in her face . How much work will she get done while sneaking off to grab a piece .

  18. Malia is a disgrace to empowering women she got on Capt Sandys good side and Milked the crap out of it.Malia is a sniveling whiney bitch

  19. I hate to say this bc I once thought I might respect Sandy and Malia (never the third side of the nastiest triangle on the sea, Bugs Bunny), but I’m certain I hate them both as well as Bugsy now. I think Sandy is the biggest let down. They toyed with the emotions of Kiko when they set him up to fail so Malia could have her beau cook. Sandy making them move bunks after her little yesman., Malia stomped her feet and stormed off when Hannah didn’t want too , was unfair and biased. Malias true colors have really been exposed this season. She’s a sneaky backstabbing ugly soul. It’s sad after we all have her a pass after she was messing around her 1st season with Adam and Wes with little regard to anyone’s feelings. I’m just thankful Wes got rid of that slut of the seas. I hope Bravo will ax Sandy after the unfairness on every season and favoritism she has shown and her poorly acted out scripted role esp this season. I’ve never loved Hannah but I hope she fairs well and doesn’t subject herself to the likes of these witches. She’s never been to Captain Sandy and got any help like Malia did. It’s obvious She brought backstabbing bragher Bugs onboard to stick it to Hannah And take her position . Im disgusted by the sight of her face . Together the three of them have been “systematically “bullying Hannah all season anyway.

  20. I am disgusted at the treatment of the Head Stewardess on Below Deck Med. This Used to be my favourite show. This little bitch Malia should never have been hired in the first place as a “Bosum”…What a joke!!! She runs to “Capitan” Sandy, who is nothing but a spy herself, monitoring every dam thing on the boat, with every little problem She had. She was totally incapable of doing her JOB.. But Sandy covered for her..Wonder why???? The midget is totally incompetent.!!.. I don’t understand how those stupid a… Kissing guys could take orders from that little snake…What a sneaky awful thing to do to the head stewardess her”so called friend.” So obvious that she was trying to get her fired so her big tooth friend Bucky (bugsy)could move in. I’m disgusted with this show now. Between this Awful, rude Captain, and this “valium” issue i wont be watching this show anymore….i really liked the first male Captain in season 1 but aparently Bravo felt it had to bring in this phoney Captain who never seems to drive the yacht, but rather, spends all of her time monitoring everyones job… and now this little winey Bosun with a big mouth was hired. They are meant for eachother.!!!… They had better get better players!! When people have anxiety, valium is one of the few drugs of choice. So To take a photo of the medication and run to the captain is sooo sneaky ..the lowest of the low….what a bitch!!!! I hope malignant Malia never sees another job after the viewing of this show. Just terrible.

  21. Instead of the little man syndrome Malia had ” little girl syndrome” she TRIED her best to be a bad ass instead she was a joke! She was bitching at the guys over silly stuff like Robert for being 3 minutes late lol.. she ran to Sandy wanting to get the guys in trouble cause they called her sweet heart etc.. an macho Sandy called the guys up jumped them for little Malia threatening their jobs from get go. Anything Malia wanted she got. She was 2 faced as hell too telling Kiko how much she cared for him while she knew her boyfriend was taking his place an acting as if she was concerned for Hannah the night she had her anxiety but ended up getting into Hannah’s stuff an taking pic’s of her meds was so spiteful she’s a RAT 🐀 hope what goes around comes around for Malia! Sandy the big bad bully went on to threaten the rest of the crew she’d fire them ¹policing them constantly her motto in the past had been support her crew help when they needed help instead she ran to the guests asking them how their food was etc.. calling the guests attention to mistakes. Was it because Malia was on board this season an she wanted to impress her?? Now she’ll use the excuse she runs a tight ship THAT’S WHY SHE SITS IN THE BIG CHAIR lol. Have NO RESPECT for Sandy or Malia was not impressed with their act. I’m a alfa female too but have never treated people like you 2 did. Moral had to be bad the guys were afraid to move cause Malia’s little rat eyes were watching lol.. an kiko was a nervous wreck I’m beginning to think it was Sandy’s plan to disrupt Kiko in order for Malias boyfriend to come on board. Sandy …how can you feel you were professional this season when you allowed your crew to sleep together in guest’s cabins an any where else they could screw around. I’ve never seen such being allowed. The owners need to take notice! Will NOT watch below Med again if Malia White is on board!! I thought Sandy catered to the guest not to Malia an her boyfriend having a spot to have sex. ugh!!

  22. Totally agree with all the above comments regarding malia she is a real childish so called bosun who cries for everything. Hannah never gets any help from sandy at all. I really hope malia never gets hired by anyone who has any sense about them. Sandy really thinks she is going to get with malia hahaha 😂 🤣. Hannah is far better than any one of these fake people.malia the crybaby needs to worry about not killing people on a jet ski and making sure that they can swim and stop worrying about getting her boyfriend of the month a job. She needs to worry about keeping her own job. Hannah is the best but no one sees her sleepless nights and countless tasks she does to keep that stupid yacht going.

  23. Malia showed her hand when she pitched her little temper tantrum on the show, she was like this before, conniving, playing people against each other. I don’t know why Sandy takes her side. She acts like a baby not getting her way!!! I can’t stand her even after the last time she was on below deck I couldn’t stand her.!! I hope no one ever had hires her again for something like this!! And Captain Sandy the Hell???

  24. I was disappointed in this whole situation I’ve been a Below Deck fan for years and now Rethinking if I want to continue watching. First, Captain Sandy when she decided to announce with Malia in front of her welcoming the new chef and giving the ok to share cabins. He wasn’t doing anyone a favor , he was going to be paid right ?! Second, Hannah hasn’t been so bad this season and if she was taking her prescribed medication that is something that should of been discussed between her and the Captain. The dynamics of this season changed this year I say get rid of the Captain and Malia.

  25. That was just a sneaky move on Malia’s part and I won’t be surprised if she tries it again with one of her deckhands in the future but for some reason other than drugs if one of them doesn’t do something or slights her. I was married to a woman like this for 20 years and finally am out of it and am much better off because of it.

  26. That was just a sneaky move on Malia’s part and I won’t be surprised if she tries it again with one of her deckhands in the future but for some reason other than drugs if one of them doesn’t do something or slights her. I was married to a woman like this for 20 years and finally am out of it and am much better off without the drama in my life.

  27. Malia is childish, and her position as bosun went right to her head!! She kisses Captain Sandy’s ass so bad it’s sickening! They need to fire that check not Hannah fire Malia she thinks she’s all that and she ain’t shit …

  28. I believe too that Malia acted out of spite in sending that photo to Captain Sandy. In the 1st couple of episodes I was really rooting for her, seems I’m not the only one who thinks her head swelled a bit much as the season went on. It’s a shame, Hannah may not be perfect but she works her but off!

  29. Malia is a rat. She’s boring so she had to do something to promote herself. Now she’s still boring and a snitch.

  30. In situations like this, there has to be protocol. I may be wrong, but I don’t think Malia should have said something to the Hannah first and then the Captain if she suspected this. I can’t see a bosun having the authority to go through someone’s belongings even if the reason is to find drugs. Reporting suspected drug use may be the correct thing to do, going through someone’s things to find them is not. The wrong person could say that someone put drugs (that aren’t prescribed with a name on them) in the other persons stuff just to get them in trouble.

  31. I’m so glad to see that I’m not the only one that sees Malia as the bossy Boson that thinks her shit doesn’t stink. She’s treated this whole “couples” thing like its a rule on all boats and because she is Hannah’s “equal” in bars (for the whole what, 3 weeks as Boson) she decided that she’d use Tom’s bars that she sees as superior to get her way. She is a whiny PITA that goes running to Sandy with problems almost as much as she runs to kiss her ass. No one bothered to grill Tom on if he’d still be willing to sign on as chef if he wasn’t going to be able to share a cabin with his whiny little piece of ass…but I’d be willing to bet for his 15 minutes of fame he would have done it. If Hannah does get fired over this I’m DONE with Below Deck Med. I was pissed enough when the other tattletale backstabber came back on to replace Lara and her attitude problem but that kinda is the theme of this show…attitude problems. Its so much nicer to see a normal captain like Lee on Below Deck. He doesn’t micromanage his crew like Sandy but with Kate gone I may not even want to watch that anymore either. She was the “STAR” of that show as Hannah IS the “STAR” of Med. And on THAT note, if Chef mental Adam comes back on ANY of the shows I’ll sit out that season as well. He’s overstayed his welcome. The same goes for Jenna. She thinks she’s all that when her deal is that not only is she NOT, but she outta read that old book about him not being that into you, cause he wasn’t. Jenna, you were just willing to put out so THAT’S what he was into.
    This is why I prefer shows with actors and not just wannabes. They’re too annoying…aka Kardashian…my word for annoying.

  32. Malia White is a bully !! Period. The way she spoke to Hannah was apalling. Then she threw her under the bus before speaking with her first. Talk about your career going to your head. So much for females having each others back. She is nothing but a spoiled brat. What goes around comes around !!

  33. Captain Sandy has been gunnin’ for Hannah since last season! It is blatantly obvious that Captain Sandy favors the women she finds sexually attractive & turned on by. When Bugsy came on board to help out the Interior shortage, Captain Sandy NEVER missed an opportunity to spout out how “wonderful” Bugsy was, always within earshot of Hannah!! Hannah NEVER cracked in front of guests while Captain went on & on about the glories of Bugsy!
    I can’t remember Sandy EVER complimenting Hannah to the guests.
    My heart was breaking all season long for Hannah. I wanted to punch out the Captain for her!! We all already know that Hannah is pregnant & in a committed, loving relationship. God Bless Her. I hope she can now put her days as a yachty in the past!! She, at least, should NEVER have to work for Captain Sandy again!!! As for Malia, she is a TATTLETALE!!! plain & simple with a bloated ego & a huge opinion about how great she is! She ran to Captain Sandy at every opportunity! When Hannah balked about everyone having to change rooms just so Malia could room with her boyfriend, a Chef who came onboard at the very end of charter season, Malia jumped on the opportunity of catching Hannah with Valium like a starving tiger finding meat!!!! Malia claims she has the responsibility “as Bosun” to throw everyone under the bus to elevate herself in the Captain’s eyes. What about your responsibility as a woman & HUMAN BEING for compassion & support when a shipmate is suffering with a severe anxiety attack, Malia? You snuck a photo of the “evidence” instead & ran to Captain Sandy as fast as you could!!
    As you can see online, Malia, not many are applauding your behavior. Most people online are NOT very fond of you either!! I hope you realize that many Chefs also have overinflated egos too & relationships between two bloated egos DO NOT LAST!!! I hope all your troublemaking for your fellow yachties & “friends” was worth it!!! KARMA is right behind you!!

  34. I was so excited to see what appeared to be a very competent female bosun this season; however, I am now completely disgusted by her immature behavior running to Capt Sandy with every tiny thing that didn’t go HER WAY!! I’ve also always loved Captain Sandy…UNTIL NOW! Hannah has been with her for a long time and she should have had her back more!!! Hannah never acted unprofessionally with guests or her coworkers! Her anxiety always happened in the privacy of her cabin and she also didn’t use alcohol to help ease the problem…MY HAT IS OFF TO HER as I too suffer from anxiety attacks and it’s no joke!!!!!! Malia throwing a fit about changing everyone’s sleeping arrangements for a short two weeks was immature! She acted like a spoiled child not getting her way and the fact that Capt Sandy had her back instead of Hannah’s is absolutely disgusting! I hope no Captains want to hire a manipulative, underhanded, childish and backstabbing female as their bosun! She makes me sick to do what she did to Hannah and cannot say it wasn’t out of spite!!!!!!

  35. Malia’s timing of sending pic to Capt Sandy says it all. Why didn’t she do it immediately if she wasso worried. NO she waited till she won getting her boyfriend in her bunk. Spiteful little girl

  36. 51 Minds set up everything around Bugsy’s and Tom’s (and Aesha’s) availability. They let Sandy and Hannah fill in the dialog and specifics. In the S5E10 Never Before Seen, they have Bugsy planting the seeds of MusicalCabinsGate. Bugsy can’t get a MINUTE of sleep. She caught Rob GOING into her cabin (not COMING in while she is in it). It is making her INSANE. That was to deflect from Malia demanding it once Tom got there. Jess, Bugs and Kiko laugh that he and Hannah would be sharing… Then … Kiko goes (as The Three McBeth Witches knew would happen) and the unplanned drug incident fell into place negating the “Bugs started it” storyline designed to deflect from Malia’s storylinee.

  37. Agree with Leisure Larry that noone sld hire
    Snake Malia. The same goes for Stupid Sandy.
    Surely the show can find captains that teach,
    motivate, coach etc vs just observing & criticicising.

  38. First off, ANYONE that knows anything about Yachts and maritime law knows that even if the is just a small amount of marijuana or drugs of, any kind can lead to a very expensive problem. If drugs are found on board of a documented vessel, that boat will be SEIZED, and the owner is out of luck, yacht gone because a crew member wanted to do drugs! Malia did EXACTLY what she should have! Secondly, the Chef on a Superyacht is the highest rank on the boat with the exception of The Captain, First Mate/ engineer. The chef is higher ranked than Hannah, Malia and the rest of the interior and exterior teams, so if you don’t know anything about teachers and maritime law, and the enforcement of the law, keep your opinions to yourself. Hannah was being childish not wanting to move rooms, and an fyi Malia didn’t say anything to Sandy until AFTER she switched cabins. Not an easy decision but she made the right decision!

  39. Malia and Sandy broke maritime law confidentiality and discrimination stipulations. Since they have lied about “law” which in fact doesn’t exist, and contractual obligations which have to do with insurance benefits and are confidential. Not anything Sandy or Malia should legally know about or be involved in.
    These women are a menace to society and
    feed mental health stigma.
    They must be held accountable for the sake of all who suffer.
    They should be fired just as Stassi and Kristen were for racism.

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