Counting On: Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth Thanks Duggar Sisters For Help

Joy-anna Duggar Forsyth Thanks Duggar Sisters For Help

On Wednesday, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth posted a new video on YouTube. They made a video of the tour of their entire house to show it to their followers. They say they still have some projects to work on. But, they feel it’s close enough to the end to show it. So, they decided to make a video of their home tour.

The couple and their 2-year-old son Gideon lived in an RV. They bought the house in November 2019. Joy-Anna seems grateful for all the upgrades that came with living in a house instead of a camper. First, Joy-Anna is quite excited about having her own dishwasher instead of having to wash the dishes by hand. Now, they live in a house with an open floor plan. It has plenty of space and lots of room for furniture and greenery. Joy-Anna says how much she loves having greenery in the house.

In an Instagram story, Joy-Anna says, “We love our little house.” And even though the video shows that they love their house, they plan to sell it “five years later”.

In the video, Gideon makes several appearances. He’s a fun and energetic little boy. In the video, he washes his hands, jumps on the bed, and enjoys playing with his father.

Duggar fans love the little home of Joy-Anna and Austin. They think the decorations, furniture and paint colors are great together. And they also think it’s the perfect place for them to raise their little family for the next few years. Joy-Anna and Austin are already getting a lot of sweet comments on their video.

Counting On: Joy-anna Duggar Forsyth Thanks Duggar Sisters For Help

In her Instagram stories, Joy-Anna reveals that the furniture wasn’t all hers. Her sisters were very helpful. Joy-Anna says: “A group of you said that you liked my decor and how everything is fine. I must say, it wasn’t me at all.” She says she’s not a designer or a decorator.

Then she explains that Jessa Seewald and Jana Duggar came to us when Joy-Anna and Austin were out of town. Some of the guys also came to help renovate the house. They did some painting and even bought some new furniture. Joy-Anna thanked them and said she couldn’t have done it without them. Her sisters knew it was stressing her, so they wanted to make things easier for her.

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