Little People Big World: Is Matt Roloff Selling The Farm?

Little People, Big World: Is Matt Roloff Selling The Farm?

Filming is underway for the new season of “Little People Big World”, but what the future holds for the Roloff family remains unclear. The show has made the Roloff family famous for years, although they have had to cope with some changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. More changes are still to come, such as who will become the head of the Roloff farms, as Matt Roloff is due to retire shortly.

Little People, Big World: Is Matt Roloff Selling The Farm?

“According to a source close to the ‘Little People, Big World’ stars, the children have no problems continuing their lives away from the peasants. Although the source also said that some of the children are considering coming back in the future to take over the reins.

Fans of “LPBW” have reported that Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler look serious about becoming a couple soon. They’ve been together since Matt’s divorce from his ex-wife Amy Roloff was finalised. It’s assumed they want to live their lives away from Roloff Farms.

A source confirmed reports that the couple’s retirement will take place soon, with the last quarter of 2022 chosen as the ideal time to get some well-deserved rest after years of hard work.

As the couple look to live out the rest of their days as quickly as possible in the Arizona-Oregon community, a source has revealed who may take over the management of Roloff Farms. According to the source, Matt’s eldest son, Zach Roloff, wants to carry on the family business. Zach Roloff, a father of two, is looking forward to working on the farm.

Zach Roloff has always helped out a lot on his dad’s farm, especially during the traditional pumpkin fest. This makes him a natural choice to run things on the farm in the future.

According to sources, Zach Roloff is not the only member of the Roloff family who wants to keep the Roloff farm going, as his younger brother Jeremy Roloff is also interested. Jeremy Roloff is married to Audrey, and their marriage has produced two children. Josh, according to a source, plans to reach an agreement with Zach Roloff to be a business partner.

This move is supported by Matt Roloff because he thinks Jeremy Roloff is a better businessman. In a recent post on Instagram, Matt revealed that he wants the twins to take over the business when he retires.

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