Little People, Big World: Jacob Roloff Left ‘LPBW’ With A Bang

Little People, Big World: Jacob Roloff Left ‘LPBW’ With A Bang

A lot has happened over the years on Little People, Big World. While Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff started the show as a happily married couple, they broke up years ago. Now, Amy Roloff is still working on moving all her stuff off of Roloff Farms, but she keeps her followers updated on what’s going on.

While Amy Roloff gives a lot of updates about her home, her engagement and her kitchen adventures, she has also provided fans with some information about her youngest son, Jacob. Jacob Roloff notoriously abandoned the show, and this caused serious controversy at the time. Now he’s traveling with his wife, Isabel – and fans are judging his “van life.

Little People, Big World: Jacob Roloff Left ‘LPBW’ With A Bang

Of Matt and Amy Roloff’s four sons, Zach Roloff is the only one who decided to stay on the show full-time. But Jacob made the biggest hit when he left. He created an Instagram post about how his family became a caricature of the show, and it was hard for him to both watch it and participate. That’s why he left – and he also said he’s never coming back.

“For me, noticing how the crew’s program doesn’t work well with our family’s health and happiness is what made me decide a long time ago that I wouldn’t be a part of it as soon as I had the chance,” Jacob wrote on Instagram in July 2016. “They are Roloff characters and I have almost nothing in common with them, nor do I want to be a character.

Amy Roloff Just Posted About Jacob’s ‘van Life’ On Her Instagram

Jacob Roloff kept his promise never to return to the show. Even though Jeremy and Molly aren’t regular Little People, Big World customers, they will still drop by from time to time – but Jacob didn’t. Despite his absence on TV, Matt and Amy continue to keep their social media followers informed when it comes to what Jacob Roloff is doing. And Amy recently posted her son’s decision to live a free and wild life on the road with his wife, Isabel, whom he married in September 2019.

“And they’re off! I’m gonna miss these two everyday @jacobroloff45 and @isabelsofiarock. They’re on the road again, van life, and soon they’ll be looking for a home for a day,” wrote Amy Roloff on May 22 her Instagram post with her son and daughter-in-law. Before Jacob Roloff left, Amy noticed that he had stopped by for Mother’s Day, and made them a “Dutch children’s pancake” before they left.

Looks like Jacob Roloff and Isabel paid Matt Roloff a visit before they left, too. He posted a photo with the two of them on Roloff Farms along with the caption, “Uncle Jacob and Aunt Izzy were out back getting ready to leave on one of their trips…”.

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