Mama June: From Not To Hot: June Shannon Blocks the Bad Seeds

Mama June: From Not To Hot: June Shannon Blocks the Bad Seeds

Mama June: From Not To Hot fan-favorite June Shannon has made a huge turnaround and washes out all the haters and negativity. Soon, Mama June amazes her loved ones with a devastating confession on the reality show WEtv. And, that may be why she is so determined to change her ways these days.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: June Shannon Blocks the Bad Seeds

Currently, Mama June: From Not To Hot star Mama June is banning all opponents. Of course, she’s tired of all the rude comments and is adamant in blocking all the negative people. Now, she just wants positive people around.

So, she’s incredibly interactive with her followers. But only if she has nice things to say. No doubt, an important part of recovery is surrounding yourself with positivity. Sure, it sounds like Mama’s doing just that and she’s on the right track.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Turning Things Around

Mama June: From Not to Hot Celebrity June Shannon seems to be a very different person these days. Fans can see that she is training again and staying fit. Lately she is also doing yoga on the beach with good friend Adam Barta. Plus, she even has a clothing line to promote it.

Plus, she brings a weight loss supplement for an extra boost. Now, Mama June is serious about getting back in shape. She also claims she “lives a healthy life and loves it!” And not just with the physical aspect. Now, the Mama June: From Not to Hot to Celeb is also planning to improve her mental health.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. Doing great!! On the right track trick is to stay there and careful of the temptation.
    Definately keep the haters away dont need or desire any negativity..I wish you all the best!
    Family first!!
    Take care

  2. Please tell me this isnt so? So last week she was a down and out meth addict and today she is doing yoga on the beach !!!! Today everything is sweep under the rug. Sure the washed up meth head is on the right path…….

  3. June, I have watched you ever since Here Comes…
    The past year, I have googled your name do often just to make sure we had not lost you. Your turn around from drugs and addiction (it never leaves us) is such wonderful news to read! I love it for you and also for those awesome girls you have created. Keep on keeping on, June! From one who knows the challenges of living the good life…One Day at a Time!

  4. Amazing job Mama June I been praying for you and Geno and continue to keep u in my prayers. I ask God for healing over both of and for strength and his peace that passes all understanding. Always remember keep ur eyes upon the Lord and ur faith as well. Cause God can carry you through ur mountains and he can see u through ur storm’s. My love and thoughts and prayers r always with u both God bless u both always and for ever love Martina

  5. Amazing job Mama June and my thoughts and prayers are with you and Geno. I ask the Lord for healing for the both of u and for strength. Always remember keep ur eye’s up on the Lord and have faith he can get u through it all. He can carry u the ur mountains and he can see u through ur strom. I pray that he give u both peace that passes all understanding that only he can give u. Always remember have faith cause God is able. I love u both always ❤️💖😘 and God bless u both my prayers r always with u both. Love Martina

  6. June, you got this!
    I’m a Georgia fan that’s pulling for you and your family!
    One Day at a time.

  7. Mama June I’m praying you and your girls I know you are a woman of world God Bless you alwayz my husband and I have 13 children and 19 grandchildren I did have a wild streak in me I mean I’ve never none drugs or liquor but I was pretty daring but the doctor told me I was going to have my first baby my whole life changed from that moment it was all about the kids and still is anywayz what I’m trying to say is never underestimate the power of a woman ok love you mama June stay strong

  8. I have adored you since day one, you are a brilliant positive light to your girls right now. I only support you, always have 🙂

  9. Mama June I am a crack addict that has been clean for 16 years. You will allow just think I could 1 more time to stop the storm your n at that time. But the clean sober person says just forget that it’s not worth that short time relief from the storm. Put ur Faith n GOD he will help you and keep you safe. He kept you safe while you were using. HE was with us at that time too. Everytime before I used I threw up I would say GOD I know ur telling me not to do this but I need it!! That devil won those times. FAITH has brought me this far & I still to this day just want to relapse but FAITH IS WHAT HAS KEPT ME CLEAN!! GOD BLESS

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