Mama June: From Not To Hot: Lauryn In Shock By Mama June’s Appearance

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Lauryn In Shock By Mama June’s Appearance

Mama June: From Not To Hot star Lauryn Shannon strives to make the right decisions for her little sister Alana Thompson. Right now she’s not sure if it’s the right time for Alana Thompson to see Mama because she’s in bad shape on the reality show WEtv.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Lauryn In Shock By Mama June’s Appearance

Recently, Mama June: From Not to Hot sister, Lauryn was in shock to see her mother June Shannon. Viewers can remember, she looked like a hot mess. Of course, it breaks Lauryn’s heart to see Mama like that. She remembers that her mother had her and her nails done regularly and was proud of her appearance.

Now, Mama June’s self-esteem is extremely low and she’s let herself go completely. It was obviously hard for Lauryn Shannon to see her like this. So, she doesn’t know when Alana Thompson should see their mother. Of course, she doesn’t want to give up Alana Thompson’s hope of being abandoned again on Mama June: From Not To Hot.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Lauryn Shannon Confident in Her Decision

Lauryn from Mama June: From Not To Hot was so sad to see her Mama in that form. And she knew she was right not to take Alana Thompson with her. Of course she takes all this very hard and misses Mama very much. So, to see June like that instead of the Mama she knows and loves would be heartbreaking.

Now, Lauryn Shannon can do whatever it takes to protect Alana Thompson from Mama’s drama, even if she doesn’t like it. Now that Mama June is back, Alana will want to see her. But, that may not be the best choice yet. Of course, she’s worried that Alana will have her hopes up. Then be beside herself if Mama doesn’t go on Mama June: From Not To Hot.

Written by Ashley Bennett

Reality TV writer.


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  1. It’s just tragic what has happened to this family. I feel very bad for Pumpkin and all the tough decisions that she has to make. Honestly June Shannon abandoned all of her children for drugs and a worthless drug addict. AKA Mama June should be clean and sober for at least a year before she is even allowed to see Alana. I know from experience my son has been a Meth addict for over 25 years.

  2. Pumpkin is losing weight and is looking to
    T but why isnt help honey boo boo
    . Tea h her about healthy foods. I cant believe it take her to weight ed watchers

  3. I wish people would take a minute and realize that its not easy going on national TV and having your whole life and your children’s lives as well for the whole world to see. And I’d imagine its even 100x harder when you have a drug problem. People are CRUEL and soo quick to point fingers. Being a celebrity isn’t all its portrayed to be.

  4. @Cindy-Lauryn is 19 years old and stepped up to be her sosters fulltime guardian. Not only is she an amazing mother to her own daughter, but now to Alana. She has stepped up when she didnt need to and is the glue that holds that family together at it’s most difficult time! WHAT RESPONSIBILITY DID YOU HAVE WHEN YOU WERE 19? YOUR JUDGEMENT IS HEARTLESS AND COLD!!!!!!! I APPLAUD LAURYN FOR HER COURAGE, HEART, COMPASSION, LOVE AND BRAVERY!! keep in mind she is only 19 it is her mother too and I am sure watching her mother contend with addiction is scary and heartbreaking!! Open your eyes and stop with the judgement

  5. Can’t say that I care that much since, A) I don’t personally know them… B) People NEED to take personal responsibility and C) Most reality shows are edited.

  6. Don’t even know why this show is even on TV what is so entertaining about it. The mothers just going to blow the money and the kids need it because they earn enough or try to get a formal education. Shows not entertaining it only draws out the drama which is so depressing.

  7. Alana definitely doesn’t need to be with her father The witch he 8s married to will 9nly make things worse for Alana.

  8. I think Alanah and Pumkin need to loose weight to be healthy and make healthy choices. It’s Entertaining T.V and I don’t think I would put my familys drama for the entire world to watch. Oh yea and that Sugar Bear of a so called father he has no balls to stand up to his wife.

  9. Ummm no Alana doesn’t need to live with a Dad who doesn’t help support her financially or otherwise.

  10. Mama June is hurting. They all are. This show is not for entertainment but for giving a voice to those who are going thru the same thing. Mental health awareness is important! Give them ur support and be compassionate. They are extremely brave for allowing their lives to be out there for the whole world to see. I know it’s corny but it’s true: if this can help just one person, it’s worth it!

  11. My comment is….this show was supposed to be about Alanna. All the show focuses on is June and Bozo, why has the show not put forth the effort to look at Alanna’s assistanting her with weight loss and health concerns. The show was supposed to be about Honey bo bo…not June and Bozo being drug addicts shame on the show.

  12. This show started on a good note , then came fame and fortune now the family is a hot mess ! I don’t understand why Children and Youth are allowing these children to be exploited like they are . Where’s the education , physical fitness and mental help that the family clearly needs ? My heart goes out to those precious children of June’s and it does to June to a certain extent as a mother of two addicts that cleaned their act up I believe because of their children. June needs compassion if course but she also needs a swift kick in the ass to get her shit together ! I too was an addict and I got clean because the respect of my kids meant more to me than any straw and powder.

  13. All sugar bears wife wants is the family FAME. Don’t like her at all . As for sugar bear , who wants their daughter raised by a nasty man . He’s a perverted sex feign . And he really does some gross crap on tv . I do agree , pumpkin needs too learn to make healthier meals , and less junk food in the house . It will lead to health issues when they are older . They may think it’s nothing right now . Butt , it will be in the future . Plus they’ll have a better life .

  14. One thing I don’t understand…if they are doing as much drugs as Mama said they were, why are they not skinny? Doesn’t doing drugs make you lose lots of weight? While they were talking to the counselors at drug rehab, Geno looked like he’s gained 40 lbs….and I’m not judging, I’m asking. I dont understand.

  15. Sugar Bear has his own issues with anger management. Not to mention Money hungry Jennifer is a gold digging hussy..All the girls were in a horrible situation and should have been removed long ago. Now June is stealing Lauren’s and Alana’s childhood the same way she allowed her lovers to rob her oldest of her childhood. She should have never been allowed to raise any children. All of them have very low self esteem and will never get past their putrid appearances. I am talking long before June ever turned to drugs she should have been stopped. Bless Lauren’s heart. Hopefully, she will learn from this and stop this generational mess. Sadly, I do not have too much hope for Alana. I fear like her oldest sister, her life will be defined by her failing family.

  16. I applaud Lauryn And Josh!!!! They both have proved to be better than some parents twice their age… Keep doing you because you are both doing Great!!! And come on people keep their weight out of your business because it’s not your business!!!! Such awful haters on “Kids” Remember these parents didn’t choose this,they accepted it.

  17. Well, they seem to forget that Honey boo boo weighs as much as 3-4 normal size kids right now. Momma June may look rough but if they don’t act soon, Honey boo boo is going to look worse that June did. You can say that I’m mean but putting that kid in a proper diet and getting her to exercise should be their top priority.

  18. I agree with the few… Sugar Bear’s wife is triffling .No way she looks better than Mama did at her best… yeah she lost has a lot of other people… she can’t pull the look off like Mama did… she’s trying to ride on Boo Boos gravy train and those girls have enough to deal with right now without her BS…. hopefully the family will get it together and live right again… Jennifer needs to disappear she is nobody…

  19. To you haters ..shame on you Alana needs to stay right where shes at !that child has been thru enough and for her age she don’t need to be pulled in many directions, sugar bears wife is trying to make it about her,”I am, better,”
    well shes just a cow !
    I agree that she’s trying to get on that gravy train,so who paid for her weight lose? put yourself in little honey,think a out if you were in her shoes to many people opinions are like asshole everyone have 1 and they all stink!!! till you haters ever been in the big sisters shoes be proud of her ,that she shows the strength of a MAMMA LION! Taken her sister and being there. The laugh together and cry together and theres nothing better then having a SISTER’s love… yes drugs affect everyone why cant all haters say your doing a awesome job and support Lauryn! And for sugar bear you need to look as a father why do you want to pull that child out of a place where shes safe think of your child oh wait” that cow is puffing in your ear”
    So you Lauryn your “AWESOME you Rock as a big SISTER!

  20. Pumpkin is the best! With such a poor example of a mother, you are doing amazing. So glad that you found Josh and that together you two have stepped up and took on the challenge of raising a teen celebrity. I know how difficult it is to be 19 and a mom and to have had poor examples of parents. But you are not only doing a great job as a mother, you are Alana’s saving grace. It would be a huge mistake for Alana’s father to have custody of her. You are the only one that stepped up and has done the work to protect her. Jennifer is only after the spotlight. She acts like she is so sick of being compared to June but it’s the only reason she has a shot at stardom. She is a novelty. She is “June’s replacement” with Sugar Bear and people seem to enjoy the competition between them. However, her power struggle to capture and raise June’s daughter is just sick. I really feel like she will only further use Alana’s fame to exploit her and make money and that idiot excuse of a father can’t see that. Jennifer is just afraid that she is irrelevant without Alana and that without Alana that Jennifer’s “celebrity career” will never fully take off. It’s just sick the way Jennifer has become this fame leach. The worse thing that could happen to Alana is to have her taken from Pumpkin and Josh. I pray for your family and pray that the courts are wise enough to see the truth about how much better Alana’s life is because of every sacrifice that you (Pumpkin) and Josh have made. Please Lord, do not allow that fame hungry Jennifer to get her hands on Alana Thompson. Amen.

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