Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Hiding Something Big

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Hiding Something Big

Mama June: From Not to Hot star June Shannon is hiding something important from her family, and soon drops a huge bomb and shock them all. Clearly, there’s not much more they can take, and June Shannon’s secret could change everything on the reality show WEtv.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Hiding Something Big

Mama June: From Not to Hot fan-fave June Shannon is hiding something big from her family. In the next episode, she takes a drug test, and there’s good news and not so good. Of course, the first thought is that she might still have drugs in her system. Even though she swears she’s clean.

So, maybe there’s something medically wrong with Mama. Word on the street lately is there might be something wrong with her liver or kidneys. Plus, her daughter Lauryn Shannon soon softens up on her mother. So, she could be worried about Mama’s health on the next Mama June: From Not to Hot

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June Married to Geno Doak?

Mama June: From Not to Hot updates suspect June Shannon and Geno Doak may be husband and wife. Of course, this would infuriate her family because they don’t want her to go near Geno. However, he may have twisted her arm to tie the knot and keep them out of jail.

Of course, if she’s his wife, she can’t testify against him and he can’t testify against her. They can’t even talk about each other’s crimes if they’re married. So, there’s a good chance, if they’re married, that this will help their case in court. If so, she’s most likely nervous about telling her family that he’s her husband.

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  1. I believe your story is incorrect. It is not that she can’t testify against her husband, it’s that she can’t be compelled to testify against him. Big difference. She can voluntarily testify against him.

  2. Could this be why Geno walked out of the courthouse, with papers in hand and said ‘The charges were droppped’ (because they are indeed married.) So sorry for Alana and Pumpkin, Josh, Ella and the rest, if they are. Also, when did Geno get the goiter removed?

  3. I’d the big secret is that June & Geno are married. There’s worse things that could be happening. This is what we call the trials and tribulations of life. You’ll get through them. Also, having a drug a addiction is bigger than both of them. When the fun is gone and now addiction grabs you. It’s about now wanting to come down. It causes severe depression and social idealation. You gotta stay under the influence to prevent the horrible come down. Always telling yourself that your going to quit tomorrow. Drugs are the devil! I hope June & Geno can separate themselves from the devil before the end cuts them off. In the end, The devil only leads you to one of 2 places. JAIL, or DEATH 💀 there are no successfully retired drug addicts or dealers. The devil has lead them all to where it ends. 😢

  4. Momma June, Hot to Not!!! Get the tooth fix again, get some nice glasses. So, you gain a little weight back, just don’t go completely down, still fix yourself up. Take some self love classes. Im going to pray for you momma J.

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