My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore’s Beach Fiasco

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore’s Beach Fiasco

At the end of season 7 of the MBFFL show, Whitney just said yes to Chase. Wedding bells were in the distance, and it looked like she might get everything she wanted. Even in the 8th season of the show, Whitney Thore is still getting ready for her wedding.

Everything seemed fine for a while, but then Chase Severino changed their plans and asked Whitney Thore to move to Wilmington, NC. MBFFL star Whitney shared her shock and said he couldn’t be serious. Later she worried about Chase Severino and said he knew the plan was to move to Charlotte with her all the time.

Whitney was working on her wedding plans, but it seems that the new development has thrown the brakes off. My Big Fat Fabulous Life celebrity Whitney Thore had no interest in moving to Chase Severino’s house. And it looked like that could be a big breakthrough.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Thore’s Beach Fiasco

While MBFFL superstar Whitney tried to work out with Chase Severino, they went to the beach. Whitney Thore was stressed and trying to figure things out, but suddenly it got even worse. Whitney Thore fell down and started looking through the sand.

She told her fiancé that she had lost her ring in the sand. The viewers of MBFFL held their breath and saw Whitney Thore crying, wet and covered in sand on the beach. It didn’t look like Chase was crazy, but the ring was very expensive.

Fans thought this might be the first sign that Whitney Thore and her husband Chase Severino couldn’t make it. Anyway, in real time, fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life know that the couple split up after Chase cheated and impregnated another woman. In August 2020, the woman gave birth to a healthy girl.

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