Sister Wives: Christine Brown and the Children

Sister Wives: Christine Brown and the Children

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Brown seems a little more lonely than usual. She’s been posting some mysterious things on her social media accounts lately and it seems that being away from Kody Brown has been very painful for her. She’s been trying to take care of her daughters and he hasn’t been helpful.

She continues to blame the pandemic but after giving up her daughter’s back surgery, many fans think Christine should leave her and go back to Utah as she has said in the past.

Christine has been posting a lot on social media and she has said that being a polygamist is hard for her, but since Kody Brown shares her time with other wives, it seems that Christine;s loneliness has really hit.

She has said that when she is home alone with the girls, she chooses to pursue her hobbies and more creative things. If we look at her posts, she really seems quite sad at the moment. Kody Brown doesn’t seem to be worried about Christine’s feelings at the moment as Robyn has become his favourite woman. Robyn Brown has spent more time with him than any other wives and some think it is because he has younger children. There are some viewers who think this is also blackmail and he needs to remember that he has four wives.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown and the Children

Christine Brown raised almost all of her children herself, and fans of the series have noticed. Kody Brown hasn’t been a very active part of their lives and now that they are getting older, maybe it’s too late? Could Christine feel that she’s already lost him and that’s why she wants to go back to Utah? Be sure to follow Christine’s social media accounts to see if she posts anything else about sadness or loneliness.

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