Sister Wives: Could Kody Want A New Wife To Replace Christine Brown?

Sister Wives: Could Kody Want A New Wife To Replace Christine Brown?

Kody Brown flirted with a “cute” Sister Wives fan at Cameo after his split from Christine Brown.

Christine Brown made waves among Sister Wives fans when she announced her decision to leave Cody. She explained that after almost three decades together, she made the difficult decision to leave. Their relationship just wasn’t working anymore and she was ready to move on. Christine has since opened up about how happy she is now that she is a single woman. She admits she asked her daughter Mykelt if life could really be as easy as it seemed. Mykelti reassured her mother that married life can be easy too, if it’s with the right person.

Sister Wives fans admit they would love to see Christine Brown break away from polygamy and find a man who will pamper her the way she deserves. However, there is much speculation that she may just find another polyamorous family to join because that is all she has ever known.

Sister Wives: Could Kody Want A New Wife To Replace Christine Brown?

Kody Brown reveals on Cameo that the parents of one woman actually approached him twice, wanting a “sexy” video for their young daughter. He explained that the woman was only 24 and they kept talking about her nose. So he suspected it must be a particularly sweet young woman.

Kody took the time to brush his wild hair out and pull his hair back into a ponytail. Sister Wives fans admit that she looked a little different in this video without her usual wild hair.

As we’ve previously reported, Kody Brown has gotten candid on the Cameo show about whether or not he still wants women. In his Cameo introductory video, Kody Brown explained that he is open to almost any client a client requests.

However, he was not interested in a fifth woman’s proposal. Although some Sister Wives think he may have changed his tune after Christine decided to dump him. What’s more, fans know that Kody Brown has expressed interest in having additional children. And, Robyn Brown confessed that she wasn’t sure she wanted to.

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