Sister Wives: Meri Brown Threatened By Christine Brown In The Past

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Threatened By Christine Brown In The Past

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown recently revealed that she is working on her fitness and has hired a personal trainer to guide her. Considering it’s the Brown family, no matter how well the sister wives get along, there will always be a certain level of competition.

This is exactly what seems to be happening. Christine Brown recently turned to social media to show off her fit body in tight jeans after Meri Brown decided to devote herself to her intense training. Let’s take a look at the details.

Christine Brown recently went to social media to show off her slim figure in skinny jeans. Dressed in her elegant LuLaRoe dresses, Christine Brown seems to be proud of her body. As the images reached the masses, the appreciation started to flow. One fan called Christine Brown a queen. Others noticed that she definitely lost some weight.

Last week, she was on a date with Kody Brown and boasted of dressing sexy for her date. But the real skinny body snapshots came right after the revelation that the first wife is working with a personal trainer to improve her fitness.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Threatened By Christine Brown In The Past

We’ve seen in the past, Meri Brown said she was a little uncomfortable when Christine Brown joined the family. She said that Kody and her relationship were romantic and that they cared a lot about each other. It was hard for her to accept that. With Janelle, even though she and Kody were in love, it wasn’t exactly romantic.

On the other hand,it looks like Christine Brown was having problems with Kody’s first wife,too. She said when Meri Brown walks into a room, there’s a lot of baggage.

In fact, Christine Brown doesn’t seem sure how to act when Meri’s around. During the time of the forest fires and Meri had to evacuate, Christine tried to lighten the situation by playing pranks. But Meri didn’t like it and told her not to joke.

It’s a little weird that Christine Brown showed off her fitness right after Meri Brown announced she had a personal trainer. Do you think she feels threatened by Meri in any way? Christine is obviously very possessive when it comes to Kody. Who knows?

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