Below Deck Med: Changing The Focus Of The Season

Below Deck Med: Changing The Focus Of The Season

Malia White claims that having a boyfriend Tom Checketts who is Mediterranean below deck was a “personal nightmare” for her.

The idea that Malia White doesn’t enjoy having her husband at The Wellington is hard for the fans to believe. After all, many fans think that Malia White and Captain Sandy Yawn’s plan was to get rid of chef Kiko and have Tom Checketts replace him.

However, the boatswain insists there was no master plan or conspiracy. She and the captain both insist that it was nothing more than the timing that led to Tom becoming the new chief at Below Deck Med.

To further demonstrate her point of view, Malia White recently proved herself candid during the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 After Show about how she really felt about mixing business and pleasure.

Below Deck Med: Changing The Focus Of The Season

Since Malia White met Tom Checketts while working on a yacht, it’s surprising for fans to hear that having him on the Bravo show was a nightmare.

The reason for herharsh words has to do with her work as a boatswain. It was her goal for Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

“Tom’s arrival as a chef was a nightmare. On a selfish level I wanted this to be my role as a boatswain, and I think Tom’s arrival on board is now Malia and Tom. We are like a team,” she shared.

It didn’t take long for Malia White to enter team mode. Fans will remember that Malia had a nervous breakdown to share a cabin with Tom. She ran to Captain Sandy when Hannah Ferrier did not agree to sleep with Bugsy Drake.

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  1. This show has been a disappointment. Malia is “Mean”.. What is even more disappointing is to watch Capt. Sandy co-sign Malia nastiness. Malia didn’t like being called “Sweetheart or Sweetie” rightfully so.. But she has no problem calling the men “Boys”…Not Guys, Not Fellas, Not Men…she calls them “Boys”..Not once has Capt Sandy corrected her. The Captain was there when she cursed at Rob..Yet the Captain went in on Rob. Woman power is cool when it is handled correctly and respectfully. If we expect men to respect us..the same should be returned. Captain Sandy…Condoning bad behavior…i.e accepting Malia photos of items that she took from Hannah purse…Shame…On The two of you. There is so much more. Shame and Embarrassing.

  2. Malia proved to be a childish snake in the grass…if her motives we’re about the good of the boat she would’ve reported the drugs the night she saw Hannah taking something for her anxiety…instead she waited…after having a hissy fit because she couldn’t share a room with her boyfriend of the week (if u saw her with Wes and Adam u know what I mean) she then took the pics and turned them in to captain sandy….. don’t turn ur back on her, she’s a snake!

  3. It seem to me that Malia always has to explain herself
    to get the viewing public on her side. But the public sees exactly what is going on.

  4. Hannah was wrong but the person Malia should have confronted was Hannah, and least gave her the benefit of the doubt to make them legal. For Sandy to say she was not safe to take to sea is BS just an excuse to fire her. Ask the she mates if they ever felt unsafe with Hannah at sea. Malia is a very petty and immature. She is always going to act like a girl in highschool that throws a fit if she doesn’t get what she wants ,she will loose a lot of jobs and good employees with her behavior.

  5. I agree that bosin Malia White should not call the deckhand’s “Boy’s”! She doesn’t like being called “Sweetheart” or “Sweetie”. Shame on her. Plus isn’t she supposed to be on deck, instead of in galley with her boyfriend?

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