Little People Big World: Farm Projects

Little People, Big World: Farm Projects

Little People Big World patriarch Matt Roloff clearly values three things in his life. These include his children Molly, Jacob, Zach and Jeremy. Then he adores his four grandchildren Jackson, Lilah, Ember and Bode. TLC fans also know that the LPBW star loves to get his teeth into big projects, too. So on a fun weekend that included a bit of both, Matt says “life is good”.

Grandad recently shared some exciting projects. One of them involves burying grandchildren’s treasures in a large sandbox. Clearly his thoughts are focused on the future, when he may no longer be around. Young children dig around in the sandbox and dig out capsules. All sorts of special things are hidden inside.

For example, some mementos that Matt keeps, a Bible verse and more. Even little Jackson put some of his treasures in there, which looked really cute. At the same time, Jackson’s dad Zach thought it was a wonderful idea. Obviously, when he passes on and moves on, his grandfather hopes that future generations will treasure his legacy.

LPBW fans know that Matt Roloff is looking ahead, and there is talk on the air of taking the kids on as business partners or farm owners. But don’t expect him to retire just yet. We reported that when he spoke with Alec Lace about First Class Fatherhood, he mentioned Jacob.

The LPBW star pointed out that Jacob has an interest in soil and compost, so he might use a corner of the farm for that purpose. Even Molly could come in as a business partner. Well, this weekend he got together with Molly, the grandkids and his ongoing projects.

Little People, Big World: Farm Projects

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff took a rather dilapidated place and transformed it into what it is today with his own projects. So this weekend he didn’t put those projects aside. Sharing my life with you all… Another fun and productive weekend.”. He then went on to talk about his cousins and how he played with them “for hours”. He also enjoyed a wedding with friends. On Sunday she caught up with her daughter Molly and her husband Joel.

Written by Evelyn Foster

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