Mama June: From Not To Hot: Alana Thompson Pleaded With Mama June To Get Help

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Alana Thompson Pleaded With Mama June To Get Help

The drama continues for Mama June Shannon. The daughter of From Not to Hot star Alana Thompson refuses to return home, reportedly. She is currently living with her sister, known as Pumpkin.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Alana Thompson Pleaded With Mama June To Get Help

In a recent episode of Mama June: From Not Hot, Mama June was the focus of a dramatic intervention. Dr. Ish Major and Mama June’s family begged her to turn her life around. In one clip of the surgery, it is clear that her health is deteriorating. One scene shows that her teeth are rotting.

During the clip, Alana Thompson says she lives with her sister. She makes it clear that she had to move out of necessity because living conditions at home were not safe. However, Mama June intervenes saying that it was her daughter’s choice to move. At the time it seemed like Honey Boo Boo wanted to stay home with her mother, but things changed quickly because Mama June continued her downward spiral.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Why Alana Thompson Won’t Go Home With Mama June

Things have been pretty chaotic lately. TMZ reports that Honey Boo Boo is not coming home because of Mama June’s boyfriend, Geno Doak. Sources have told TMZ that she won’t come home if Geno is still with Mama June. Reportedly, Honey Boo Boo Boo wants her mother to break up with her boyfriend and enter a rehabilitation center.

According to TMZ, Geno is not liked by Mama June’s family because he has a history of substance abuse and reckless behavior. The power outlet reported that Geno was so intoxicated when he was behind the wheel that he crashed his family’s SUV into Mama June’s house. He reportedly had trouble walking and eventually collapsed. The publication says that Mama June needed the assistance of a neighbor to pull Geno into her house.

Family law attorney Jonathan V. Dunn told Hollywood Life that this incident could have a negative impact on Mama June’s attempt to get full custody of Honey Boo Boo. “This will certainly have a negative impact on the custody agreement,” Dunn said. “However, this is not necessarily a good thing, as a parent’s criminal history is only one of several factors that a Georgia court is authorized to take into account when making a custody decision.

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