Mama June: From Not to Hot: June Shannon Shows Off Her New Smile

Mama June: From Not to Hot: June Shannon Shows Off Her New Smile

Mama June unveiled her new smile after undergoing dental surgery to repair a tooth that broke while eating “fat cakes”.

The reality star was all smiles as she showed off her new teeth in these exclusive images from The Sun Online.

For almost a year, ever since she broke her tooth eating pre-packaged cakes – which she calls “fat cakes” – on her show From Not To Hot, June Shannon has had a huge gap in her teeth for almost a year, ever since she broke her tooth eating pre-packaged cakes. She told The Sun, “I’m glad I finally got my tooth fixed.”

“Now I have to look at the fat cakes so it doesn’t break again.”

Fans were shocked when they saw a disheveled June Shannon sobbing with a huge gap in her teeth in a promotional video for season 4 of the February WE TV show.

She finally decided to have it repaired – and both she and her boyfriend Geno underwent dental surgery in Orlando, Florida.

Cosmetic dentist Dr. Matthew Yantorni of the Lake Ninth Dental Group said, “June Shannon came to our office after losing a porcelain veneer from her front tooth.

“The veneer had been missing for a long time, perhaps up to a year from the patient’s memory.

Because the veneer had disappeared for so long, the tissue had grown too much and was no longer symmetrical to the next tooth.

“June Shannon, like many people, is not a big fan of dentists, but she has been an extremely large patient throughout the entire process, including the dreaded injection of anesthetic”.

She continues: “We first had to make some adjustments to the gum tissue to make sure that when a new veneer was placed, it would be symmetrical with the tooth next door.

“We used a dental laser to shape the gingival tissue until we were satisfied. We chose the laser for this, because it is very gentle on the tissue and heals very quickly, with minimal discomfort”.

June Shannon’s new tooth was then created by a state-of-the-art CEREC machine, which takes a 3D impression of the area, immediately creates a temporary tooth, then uploads the file to the lab to create a permanent tooth.

She returned 48 hours later to have the permanent tooth cemented.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Dr Yantorni Gives A Thumbs Up Following The Procedure

“June left the office saying, ‘Oh my God, I look completely different! It’s nice to see those immediate, unsolicited emotional responses,” Dr. Yantorni added.

Boyfriend Geno was also treated for a missing tooth, a tooth decay and had to undergo root canal treatment.

It comes after daughters Jessica Shannon and Anna Caldwell also had a smile makeover as part of a $120,000 body transformation.

Jessica, 23, lost 50 kilos after weight loss surgery, abdominoplasty and liposuction while her older sister Anna, 25, had a breast lift and prostheses, moving from a B cup to a 36D cup.

Family relationships were strained after Mama June’s arrest last year for crack cocaine possession with her boyfriend, Geno. June, 40, could be a year behind bars if he’s found guilty of the charges.

In a glimpse of this week’s episode, June seems to have agreed to go to rehab to deal with her problems after her arrest.

Written by Sarah Milner

Sarah Milner is a freelance writer for over 5 years.