Mama June: From Not To Hot: Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Shannon Got Custody Of Alana Last Year

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Lauryn ‘pumpkin’ Shannon Got Custody Of Alana Last Year

Mom June: “From Not To Hot” fans saw in May last year that Sugar Bear agreed to Pumpkin having temporary custody of her sister Alana Thompson. But in the new season, Sugar Bear got angry because Alana chose to go to California instead of visiting him during the summer. Sugar Bear’s wife, Jennifer, is also unhappy and now they think they will get full custody of Alana Thompson.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Lauryn ‘pumpkin’ Shannon Got Custody Of Alana Last Year

TV Shows Ace reported in May last year that Sugar Bear and Jennifer finally agreed that Alana could live with Pumpkin. However, the condition was that she spend time with them. Also, if she goes to a real school, they wanted to see her reports. Well, in the first of this season, fans saw Alana Thompson meet her father in a diner. Pumpkin’s husband, Josh Efird, didn’t want her to tell Sugar Bear they were planning a trip for Alana to California.

However, Sugar Bear insisted on trying to convince Alana to commit to a weekend visit with him. On the show, we saw Alana finally tell him that they had planned a trip. He forbade it. In the next scene, fans saw Josh say to Sugar Bear, “Too bad.” Alana Thompson lives under his roof and he lets her go, end of story. Of course, that resulted in Mama June: From Not To Hot dad hot under the collar. Also, at her hair appointment, Jennifer said she would make a better parent for Alana.

Mama June: From Not To Hot: Bear Change Of Mind Over Custody

In the preview of the show, fans saw that Alana got in trouble with her sister Pumpkin for pretending to snort cocaine at school. The news hit the tabloids long before fans knew a new season was coming. In August of last year, TMZ ran the story.

Well, this has become a controversial issue with Jennifer and Sugar Bear wanting full custody of Alana Thompson. In the preview, fans saw Pumpkin tell them she’d “see them in court.” Pumpkin got mad at Alana for giving them a reason to try to take her away.

This all happened after June ran off with Geno and spent time gambling in casinos. Alana Thompson cried because her mother promised her she would never leave her children for a man. While it became public knowledge that Alana started school and lives with Pumpkin, it seems that Sugar Bear has changed her mind. So, premiering for the next episode of Mama June: From Not To Hot, fans saw him and Jennifer arguing to get her back into his custody.

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  1. OMG, I can NOT stomach Jennifer…. Alana needs to stay with sis. Get a tutor, get up yo speed with school. Get back into school next year. Both Pumpkin and Alana need to get HEALTHY. Don’t you girls realize that a part of their popularity is that people always slow down to see a train wreck. Be an inspiration to your fan base.

  2. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! It’s important to keep family with family, unless a child is in danger of like the basic needs are not being met! This bull$#*! of pulling Alana back and forth is destroying her!

  3. Jennifer needs to butt out.. What goes on with Alana has nothing to do with her. Since her weight loss she acts so hollier than thou. Girl please. I mean congratulations on the weight loss but you don’t have to act like that. Alana has been through enough. She is comfortable with her sister and is doing much better. Leave her alone shes not your daughter. Her father’s not pushing the issue, she is.

  4. That snake Jennifer doesn’t care about Alana and I’m not so sure she even loves Sugar Bear! I think she is only with him is to get her 15 minutes of fame. Alana needs to stay with her sister, who loves her! Sugar Bear and the Snake don’t know anything about parenting. Pumpkin does however needs to get serious about getting Alana a Tutor. I don’t think a public school is a place for Alana. She has stated several times how she is bullied at school. In my opinion, staying with her sister is the best bet. And I think that manager needs to offer Alana what she offered June and get that little girl on a diet. I’m sure her fans would love to see a whole body and image change in Alana and to do it the right way! Get her on an exercise program and get her eating right. For that matter, all of those kids need some Discipline.

  5. Jennifer has some nerve. She is NOT Alana mother so she has no sayso about her. And she is fooling herself thinking she looks good,she still waddles like the Penguin and will NEVER look as good as June no matter what she does. She looks horrible.

  6. I’m so proud of Pumpkin, she’s learned the hard way what family is all about. Jennifer needs to butt out of her business and her work to support Alana. June should be horse-whipped, but the stroke could have caused her personality change. The new BF seemed to care originally, but he’s worthless now.

  7. Omg!! I’d love to kick that fat ugly bitch’s teeth so far down her throat she’ll be shitting them out for days!! You leave that child ALONE!! Pumpkin is doing an excellent job!! Sugar bear gave up his rights to be a REAL FATHER long ago !! THEY ARE BOTH SKANKS!! Ugh!! We love you pumpkin, we are all extremely proud of you!!

  8. Omg!! I’d love to kick that fat ugly b**** teeth so far down her throat she’ll be shitting them out for days!! You leave that child ALONE!! Pumpkin is doing an excellent job!! Sugar bear gave up his rights to be a REAL FATHER long ago !! THEY ARE BOTH SKANKS!! Ugh!! We love you pumpkin, we are all extremely proud of you!!

  9. Its funny you all need to understand that it’s a show and unless there is no drama it won’t go on so somebody got to create drama or the show will stop
    That’s what keep you on .

  10. Pumpkin clearly loves her sister Alana very much. Obviously they have been raised differently than most of us can understand, which doesn’t give us the right to judge some of their ways. However, Sugar Bear is not someone who even understands what a role model is, let alone being a father. For me personally, Alana doesn’t deserve to be around Sugar Bear how he addresses woman in general. He says things about woman that are so disgusting in reference of woman that Alana does not need to hear. And Jennifer has no interest in a loving or caring way towards Alana. Her intentions are all about June and cutting her down and wanting to take Alanas mothers spotlight. This is not where Alana belongs!

  11. Jennifer needs to back down she is part of Alana’s problem and she sets and downs June right in front of Alana that’s not right and sugar bear just sits there and lets her do it that shows what kind of a father he is Alana needs to stay with pumpkin and Josh because when it comes to mother and father figures that’s the best that kids got at ever had sugar bear has never been really a father to Alana or any of the other girls he would just sit quiet on the couch when anything was going on and then he wonders why June left him well he was cheating on her with Jennifer so Jennifer needs to put her holier-than-thou I’m Virgin Mary s*** she needs to put that down because honey you’re missed you were a mistress you’re the other woman and my thoughts on Jennifer and sugar bear ain’t going to last too long because you lose them how you got them honey anyways Alana pumpkin you girls stay strong y’all got this do what you have to do I love you both and dodo you keep trying to be there for June and keep being her voice of reason because she needs you right now she needs all of you but Alana and pumpkin you need each other more always cherish being sisters because some of us wish we had sisters and you girls have taught me what having a real sister is all about

  12. Alana has been through way to much sadness for her age.June needs to get a grip on her life and realize the pain she is causing with her entire family.. Pumpkin is doing a great job with raising her sister but it’s a shame that she has to because their Mom has decided to be a deadbeat Mom and care only about what she wants. Jennifer and sugar bear need to realize what they are doing is only adding more pain to this young lady.Heck she doesn’t even call him dad she calls him sugar bear.Im sure she has Love for him but not a bond with him or Jennifer.. Leave this child alone she has enough going on and doesn’t need to be worrying about getting taken away from her safe zone.. Sending Prayers to this family

  13. No she does not deserve to go and live with her dad and his crazy ass wife she deserves to be live what her sister her family not somebody that wants to be a part of the family now after how many years sugar bear was never there for Alana and now he wants to be there for her I don’t think so

  14. Alana needs to stay with her sister Pumpkin. Sugar Bear has never been interested in being her father, and Jennifer needs to back up and worry about getting her own son healthy and stop forcing herself on Alana. She is not her mom and never will be. She isn’t a star, she’s a laughing stock of WE TV. The swimsuit photos were horrible and June clearly won the Baywatch photo shoot. Jennifer crawl back in the hole Sugar Bear found you in and mind your own business. Leave the girls alone and focus on your son!!!

  15. That snake in the grass Jennifer is trying to be June but look at your arms,legs, and fat ass you can never be mama June. Pumpkin is doing a great job with her sister so leave the child alone worry about yourself and your fat ass

  16. I agree . Jennifer is just butting in because she thinks she can. She would be no good for Alana. At least Pumpkin is her sister and has been around her since day 1 . She loves Alana unconditionally without the tabloids .

  17. sugar bear has a criminal record. He also cheated on June with both men and other women to include jennifer too. Jennifer was married to a pedophile and then got with sugar bear when her husband was jailed. jennifer is only in it for the money which goes along with alanna, june and the show. sugar bear does not want custody of alanna. Pumpkin and her tolerant husband should get custody of alanna. maybe june will snap out of it before she dies.

  18. I cannot stand Jennifer. The only reason she wants Alana is because it’s the only thing she could have/win over Mama June. Jennifer’s always followed behind in June’s shadow and it’s driving her crazy; bah ha ha her “cover” being reduced to a thumbnail and every question of her interview being about June. These are absolutely no reasons to uproot a teen child. If she truly had Alana’s best interests at heart, she’d make Sugar Bear pay his child support……we all know who where’s the pants in that marriage; the bitch’s britches for sure!!!

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