Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June posted a video where she offered her fans personalized videos for $30

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Mama June posted a video where she offered her fans personalized videos for $30

Mama June is now sending some of her Cameo videos for $30 among her money problems caused by her and her boyfriend Geno Doak’s gambling problems.

The reality TV star has also sold some of her assets to make some money after being kicked out of several hotels for not paying her bill.

The 40-year-old mother of four went to social media on Saturday morning to offer her fans personalized videos for $30 each. While sitting in what looked like a home office, Mama June – who calls herself June Shannon – told her fans, “Hey, this is Mama June and in this pandemic, I’d love to send you videos and shootings. So join me on Cameo.”

She also titled the video: “I can’t wait to send you all the video messages about Cameo! I’ll see you there! #Mother-June” In just four hours, Mama June had posted several shootings for her fans.

She also received a couple of reviews from her fans, where some of them applauded her for “being quick” with her video and thanked her for sending them a private video.

Mama June has had some financial problems since last year. In January, the troubled star and her boyfriend, who had health problems, were kicked out of a second hotel for not paying their bill after being thrown out of the first one.

According to TMZ, the 40-year-old woman was kicked out of her current residence for not paying her $2000 bill.

It happened a few days after Mama June and her boyfriend Geno “destroyed their hotel room, leaving $1,000 worth of damage and shattered glass”.

The photos obtained by TMZ seem to show a room at the FairBridge Inn & Suites in south Atlanta. A trail of trash leads through the room, surrounded by a broken TV and a smashed lamp. A couple weeks later, she was trying to pawn a diamond ring and was offered $1.5 grand. June accepted the payment and headed for her truck. The ring could be June’s boyfriend’s.

He gave her one last season on “Mama June: Not to Sexy.” However, the jewel could also belong to her ex-husband, Sugar Bear.

Insiders told The Sun that Mama June has been taking care of the money since she left her family and is on the hunt for some social media.

She was able to get a partnership with a shock to lose weight and was even caught trying to sell sneakers on her personal Facebook page.


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