What is coming up on Mama June: From Not to Hot?

What is coming up on Mama June: From Not to Hot?

Mama June: From Not to Hot is back with a new season and many problems to solve. While June Shannon is hanging out with Geno Doak, her kids are left to fend for themselves.

Pumpkin is raising Alana Thompson while June Shannon is in Alabama.

Things are about to get a lot more complicated on Mama June: Da Not to Hot, and it doesn’t stop with her arrest and substance abuse fights.

Mama June: From Not to Hot? June Shannon calls Pumpkin

In Mama June’s exclusive clip: From Not Hot, Pumpkin gets a phone call from Mama June. She’s been trying to contact her mother for days and now she finally answers her calls. Unfortunately, this is not the best time. Pumpkin and Alana are in California at Gina Rodriguez’s house.

Along with them, Sugar Bear and Jennifer are also at home. June Shannon’s call came at the exact time all five of them were sitting down to eat.

While Pumpkin was trying to get Mama June to talk, she lied about where she was. Alana got in touch to say good-bye to Mom, and things went south from there.

Jennifer didn’t keep her mouth shut and screamed, asking June when she was coming home to her kids.

As the tension increased, Mama June’s situation became increasingly critical. Will Jennifer’s comments cause June to hang up and lose contact with her daughters again?

What is coming up on Mama June: From Not to Hot?

Last week, viewers saw Big Mike and Doe Doe go to Alabama to try to get Mama June home. Everyone heard about her arrest from the tabloids and are concerned about what she and Geno Doak did.

Many things are happening this season, including Mama June’s refusal to take care of her family and face her demons. Alana Thomspon made the news last year for pretending to snort cocaine on video, prompting Sugar Bear and Jennifer to want her custody at Pumpkin.

A lot has changed quickly for Mama June and her family. Her little girls were left without a mom while she partied in casinos with Geno Doak.

So many people are worried about her, and she has given Sugar Bear and Jennifer the leverage they need to take Alana and raise her in their home.

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  1. Mama June. You need to realize your children and granddaughter need you. They only have 1 mom and they don’t want to loose her to an abusive crack head. You were doing great before he came into the picture and look at all the things you accomplished. You can always find another man, but your kid’s can’t replace their mom. I wish you and your family lots of luck

  2. I really think Jennifer should stop being allowed to make rude comments and not get punished for it or not get jumped on for it like they do with pumpkin. Jennifer has no rights to Alana sugar bear does

  3. That nasty Jennifer needs to keep her mouth out of the whole situation! She’s “Not The Mama”!! Why does she think she has a right to create more problems?

  4. Pumpkin is doing a great job with alana,even as stated by sugar bear himself in a past episode. Stating alana would be better off with pumkin. Also Jennifer stated she didnt have room for alana,if he realy cared
    That wouldn’t of been an issue ,he would of made could see she was an inconvenience to them until Jennifer started seeing the dollar signs in front of her eyes.. you can see now she and sugar bear are bucking for there own Show and taking over it was also obvious on the last episode when she said that at her photo shoot on the beach she wanted to take over and be the star…especially all this time wanting to be a June want to so phony,now all of asudden sugar bear wants to be in alana life after years of no shows and silence and not forgetting he has a past criminal record,afiery temper…Sugar bear a father figure?Jennifer wears the pants and seems to do all the talking for him and discussion making and calling all the

    shots.. she needs to butt out she’s not Alanas mother and never will be…she’s riddin in on the coat tales of sugar bear by marraiage/a fair. PUMKIN HAS MORE SENCE AND intelligence then all of them put together,and iam sure alana doesnt want to leave her sister and precious Ella grace to live with them two,please give pumkin and Josh ,little ella and alana there own family show no one is giving pumkin credit for her hidden talents and achievements ..,give her some light and let her shine…also bring her sister Chub,and I think that would be a show like the conners…Jennifer and sugar bear are dead weight…

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