Mama June: From Not to Hot: Stepmom Jennifer Thompson Vowed To Get Custody Of Alana Thompson

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Stepmom Jennifer Thompson Vowed To Get Custody Of Alana Thompson

Mama June’s daughter, Alana Thompson, burst into tears after her stepmother vowed to take custody of her sister Lauryn Shannon.

Alana Thompson, lives with her older sister Lauryn Shannon, whose real name is Lauryn, brother-in-law Josh Efird and niece Ella since June Shannon left the family to go get drunk with her troubled boyfriend Geno Doak.

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Stepmom Jennifer Thompson Vowed To Get Custody Of Alana Thompson

In a preview of tonight’s Mama June: From Not to Hot: Family Crisis season finale, Alana Thompson burst into tears as her stepmother, Jennifer Thompson, threatened to take custody of 20-year-old Pumpkin.

Jennifer Thompson told the family, “First of all, honey, let me tell you something, I’m nothing like your mother, I’m not a junkie. “Second, let me tell you something, I’m a mom none of you ever will be.”

The Lauryn Shannon returned fire: “Now I have her custody. Jennifer then said, “No, go back. You have temporary custody of Alana, not complete.”

Lauryn Shannon said, “It will be full custody. We all know the real reason you want Alana Thompson is because you’re Honey Boo Boo’s stepmom.”

Alana Thompson then yelled, “You’ll always make decisions about my life and I’ll never be able to make them for myself. And if I want to live with Pumpkin…”

Alana then started crying hysterically as her 2-year-old niece hugged her. Alana Thompson broke down several times during the season because she missed her mother, and had to deal with Pumpkin and Jennifer arguing over custody.

The Sun only broke Mama June, June 40, and Geno went into rehab in the season finale as they entered a 30-day program. The family therapist, Dr. Ish Major, told the Sun that they went into rehab when they “hit rock bottom.

She told The Sun, “He’s thinking, ‘I’m running out of money, I’m selling my stuff, I have legal problems, maybe it’s time to ask for help. She finally got to the part where she was ready to act.

“They went in very discreetly, very quietly, once they hit rock bottom they went to a treatment center in Florida. It’s a win, I’ll take it!”

Dr. Ish had already told The Sun that Mama June is currently “in communication” with her four daughters, Anna, Jessica, Pumpkin, and Alana, from Florida, where she currently lives with Geno.

She said, “The family is being burned. We tried and we never succeeded.” We poured resources, time, attention and affection into you, and none of it worked.” The family is like, “Listen, we’re done.” We’re aggravated.” It’s a very complicated way to reintroduce yourself back into the family”.

He continued: We love you, but we’ll love you from here.” The last thing I did with Pumpkin was help her understand boundaries. If you can’t behave properly, if you can’t make better decisions for you and for us, then you can’t be a part of our lives.

The only way to say that is time. This is June earning her place in the family.”

Dr. Ish revealed that the family has Skype calls and other forms of communication planned to see if June is doing well.

She added, “They’re rebuilding trust. That’s what you said you’ll do, let’s see if you can do it.” History says you won’t. If you do, then we can take the next step. This is how you work to get back into the family and we can trust each other again.”


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