Mama June: From Not to Hot: Jennifer Thompson’s Not Happy With Her Cover Photo

Mama June: From Not to Hot: Jennifer Thompson’s Not Happy With Her Cover Photo

Mama June: Family Crisis fans saw that June sent a message home, saying that bad people might be after her children. Big Mike told Joanne Shannon they should pay as he knows those people.

They’ll collect their debt and they’re not afraid of the police. On their return, Lauryn Shannon’s husband Josh Efird gets very nervous and decides they should move. But Alana Thompson is furious and stubborn.

Mama June: Family Crisis: Alana Thompson Gets Stubborn And Angry

Last week, when Big Mike talked to Joanne Shannon about the tax collectors, everything seemed to go wrong. A Twitter fan even suggested that the white SUV around was being driven by the WEtv crew. However, Pumpkin and Josh take the threat seriously. However, Alana Thompson loses her head and hurls herself at Josh.

Remember, Alana Thompson started at her new school. She’s making friends and finally settling down. Now, all her stability is threatened again. And during all this, Jennifer’s threatening Lauryn Shannon to fight for Alana’s custody. Let’s remember that Alana went into temporary custody with Lauryn Shannon. On Mama June: Family Crisis show, fans see Jennifer acting like she’s competing with June.

Mama June: Family Crisis: Jennifer Thompson’s Not Happy With Her Cover Photo

We also reported that the fans got nervous about Jennifer. The climax came when she participated in the parade of her grandson, Harper, in the same competition as Ella Grace. But the fans on Twitter are banging her a lot more. They think she just wants fame and gets it thanks to June’s efforts. So, those people who hated the fact that she kept talking about her magazine report might giggle a little on the next show. The preview of the episode shows that when she sees the cover, her reaction is not good.

Calling her agent, Gina Rodriguez, Jennifer complains that the cover takes too long to come out. Finally, Jennifer sees the cover and reacts rather badly. She says, “Oh, my God! Fans see it in the May 29th episode of “Mama June” Family Crisis. On Twitter, it looks like a lot of haters could celebrate it.

One fan has already complained, “What I hate is that she’s not supporting Alana Thompson or Pumpkin or trying to reduce their stress. Instead, she’s just worried about herself and beating #MamaJune in this fictional competition she has going on for some strange reason.

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