Sister Wives: Christine Brown Looks Amazing

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Looks Amazing

For a long time, the Brown women had to follow certain rules while married to Kody Brown. Along with Meri Brown, Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown, Christine Brown had standards she had to follow. One notable guideline was the way the women dressed.

Not just the wives, but all the females in the family were subject to some dress code. Now that Christine Brown is free of her marriage, she is seemingly free of her old life. This includes all the clothes that once weighed her down.

From the moment Sister Wives started in 2010, women have been covering their bodies. They did not wear dresses, but rather trousers with long-sleeved shirts. When it was warm outside, they wore tops with a T-shirt underneath.

Because they were members of the Mormon Church, they had to follow certain guidelines. Exposing themselves could be critical. What viewers have seen about Kody in recent episodes is that he takes a rule and explains it.

Over the years, women and their children have become much more liberal about what they wear. A couple of seasons ago, one of the daughters was getting ready for a dance. Kody Brown was unsure how short the dress was as it revealed too much. The mothers were only interested in how their children felt in their own skin. Ysabel proudly showed off her body and scar from scoliosis surgery in the summer. She also looked beautiful at a dinner in May in a strapless long sapphire blue dress.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Looks Amazing

Now that Christine Brown has her dream of living in Utah, she’s embracing life. That means she wears whatever she wants or doesn’t want. The mother of six flaunts her healthy body and glows. She’s shared three photos of herself, two in a tank top/workout outfit and one at the beach. While she limited comments on the full-colour tank pic, she didn’t on the other.

Written by Hannah Gaynor

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