Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Is Standing By Her Advil Claims

Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Is Standing By Her Advil Claims

Hannah Ferrier insists that she was taking Advil on Below Deck Mediterranean and not Valium, as Malia White claims.

The drug drama of the hit series Bravo never ends. As Malia’s climax unfolds, reporting to Hannah that she has Valium on Captain Sandy Yawn’s yacht, the two women continue to share their side of the story.

Fans are also taking a stand. The outrage of the viewers increases week after week, with fans blowing up Malia, Captain Sandy and Bugsy Drake as mean girls with a plan. There has been speculation that the three women conspired to have Hannah and chef Kiko fired for their own personal benefit.

Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Is Standing By Her Advil Claims

All season long, Bravo’s been watching Hannah take the pills. Fans even blew up the network for trying to make the stew boss look bad on her last season on the reality TV show.

Hannah continues to share on social med the pills she took at night were Advil for her swollen feet. She recently responded to a fan who accused her of taking something this season, saying again that it wasn’t Valium.

“I’ve always said it was Advil and trembling is part of the anxiety. If I was on Valium, I really wouldn’t be shaking,” wrote the head stew.

Once Hannah Ferrier had her panic attack and Malia White discovered her Valium, drug charges went up on the screen. The mom-to-be is making sure the fans know the truth. She says she only took Valium once for a panic attack during Season 5 Below Deck Med.

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  1. Oh my, how some stand on laws of the sea as a page in the Bible. When in reality, it was Sandy and White that can’t be trusted. This was like watching a train wreck
    No one counted the pills, and no one ordered Hannah to get a drug test. This could of settled the whole question. Sandy is running after Hannah to try to make her understand her reasons for letting her go. It was very hard to watch. And I am not going to watch anymore. This is supposed to be a mega yacht. With no real chief equipment or regular tools to do a 5 star job.
    Give me a break. I was a transportation service owner our employees we’re randomly drug tested in a regular basis. The rule is if someone test positive u can offer them time or a program to get their life back on track
    If they refuse, they are terminated. Or you can give them a moment to fess up and save their job. So I don’t see anywhere protocols were not followed. I see someone being ousted out because she did not want to change cabins. And since white runs the boat didn’t want her friend buggsy to be uncomfortable to share a room with Hannah. If white had presented the so-called evidence. And sent it to the Captain white went through Hannahs personal belongings is an offence that has totally been ignored. They should call the show ”White’s Below Deck Mediterranean ”

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