Little People Big World: What Will Happen to Roloff Farms?

Little People, Big World: What Will Happen to Roloff Farms?

Fans of Little People Big World know all about Roloff Farms. The Roloff family has owned Roloff Farms since the start of their show more than a decade ago, and has gone through significant ownership changes in recent years after Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff’s divorce.

Now, Matt and Caryn Chandler are spending more time in Arizona. Will they stay in the warmer state full-time? What does this mean for the farm?

Viewers who have followed Little People, Big World know that the Roloff family loves Roloff Farms. Matt and Amy Roloff raised their four children on the farm property, and they host their annual pumpkin season for visitors.

Unfortunately, Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff’s divorce changed everything. While Amy once lived on the huge farm and Matt lived in a smaller house on the same property, Amy decided she wanted to move off the property, leaving everything to Matt.

Fans have seen Amy struggle with her decision to leave the farm. With so many memories on the farm, it was hard to let her go. But she eventually sold her half of the farm back to Matt for a fantastic profit. She said several acres of land and the house to Matt for over $900,000. Now, she lives in her own place in a neighborhood just 15 minutes from the farm property.

Amy isn’t done with Roloff Farms yet, though. She will marry Chris Marek at Roloff Farms on August 28, 2021. It’s unclear if their wedding will be broadcast for Little People, Big World.

Little People, Big World: What Will Happen to Roloff Farms?

Much has been said about the fate of the Roloff family’s beloved Roloff Farms. Jeremy Roloff and Zach Roloff have both shown interest in purchasing the farm property.

So far, however, it appears that Matt still owns it. But that could change, as he and girlfriend Caryn Chandler could be leaving Oregon for good.

So, are Matt and Caryn heading to Arizona full-time? It looks like the couple still plans to split their time between Oregon and Arizona. Amy’s boyfriend, Chris Marek, asked Matt where he will be spending his time. Matt responded that he and Caryn planned to have an “even mix” of time between Roloff Farms and Arizona.

As for the fate of Roloff Farms, it appears that this means Matt will continue to own and operate the property. Zach and Jeremy have not yet purchased the farm, and Matt is currently building a new facility.

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