Sister Wives Janelle Brown Is Living in an RV

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Is Living in an RV

Who would have thought that moving to Arizona would cause so many housing problems? Certainly not the Brown family. Sister Wives star Janelle Brown has been kicked out of rental apartments several times after her multi-family left Las Vegas and tried to put down roots in Flagstaff. With her rental apartment once again sold out from under her, Janelle has opted for an alternative place to live. Unfortunately, fans aren’t so sure she’ll enjoy it.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Is Living in an RV

Now that another landlord has ousted Janelle Brown from a rental property, she has decided to explore alternative accommodations. Instead of moving into another rental home, she has embarked on a project that not everyone is sure is a great idea.

She will live in an RV on the property the Brown family purchased when they decided to move to Flagstaff.

Janelle announced the decision on her Instagram account. Her son, Garrison Brown, also shared photos on his social media of an RV he and his siblings renovated. How many people will live inside the trailer, however, is unknown.

At the very least, fans can expect Janelle and her daughter, Savanah Brown, to call the RV home for the foreseeable future. Kody Brown has remained silent about his second wife’s rather unorthodox arrangement.

An interest in living in a caravan or van is not uncommon. In fact, it can be argued that the van living movement is growing every year. Yet what Janelle is planning is quite an adventure, say fans familiar with camper van living. One Reddit user explains that Janelle appears to be planning to dry out her camper van.

The user, who is familiar with camping and living in a camper van, noted that the extreme heat of summer and the maintenance of the camper van’s water tanks may prove too much for Janelle, who doesn’t seem to have tried camper van life before.

Drydocking means having the camper parked in a place without hooks. Janelle has to rely on pre-filled water tanks and generators to access basic necessities such as running water and electricity. There is currently no water or electricity in Coyote Pass. According to Etrailer, experts can generally dry camp for two weeks before the water tanks are refilled and routine maintenance is completed. Janelle reportedly plans to live in her camper for several months.

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