Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Says Malia White’s Actions Were ‘underhanded’

Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Says Malia White’s Actions Were ‘underhanded’ Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Says Malia White’s Actions Were ‘underhanded’

Hannah Ferrier of Below Deck Mediterranean wants fans to understand that she doesn’t think Christine “Bugsy” Drake had anything to do with the photo Malia White shared with Captain Sandy Yawn.

During a crew room change, Malia snapped a photo of Ferrier’s prescription valium and a CBD pen. Later she shared the photo with Yawn. Some viewers believed that White, Yawn and Drake conspired against Hannah to get her fired.

“Hey, guys, thanks for all your kind words and support,” Hannah shared on Twitter. “I feel like Bugs has been pulled into this situation, so I want to make something clear. I don’t think Bugs had anything to do with the photo that was sent to the sand or the consequences.”

Below Deck Med: Ferrier Does Not Think Drake Conspired To Send The Photo

While Ferrier and Drake had a rocky past, Hannah said the photo had a very different level. A fan reminded Ferrier that Bugsy Drake was still not on her side. “I know. But those are 2 different things and there’s a lot of hatred coming over the picture etc. so I don’t want Bugs dragged into that hatred because that’s not fair,” replied Ferrier.

Bugsy Drake tried to defend herself on Twitter, especially when a fan accused her of having something to do with the photo. She also opened her own fight with fear on Instagram and was immediately torn apart. “I took down my previous post regarding my actual story. I got SUPER BRAVE for a minute sharing my personal experience… and then the criticism came flying regarding what was seen of me on a television show,” she wrote after deleting her first post.

Hannah Ferrier must have seen the hatred coming Drake’s way. Some fans were convinced that she was trying to set Ferrier on fire. “Bugsy I’ve always been a fan. But you have to understand that you’re being attacked for your behavior, not your work ethic. Two very different things. Even tonight, you and Malia took every chance you had to shoot Hannah. Tonight you both looked like a couple of mean girls,” tweeted a fan. “I didn’t mean to, I promise you! I’m really sad and I’m sorry people see it that way!” Bugsy Drake replied.

Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Says Malia White’s Actions Were ‘underhanded’

Hannah doesn’t blame Drake and says Malia is responsible for the photo sent to Yawn. “I really didn’t realize that Malia and I were in such a bad place that she would do that,” said Ferrier in an Instagram Live broadcast after the episode. “It’s just very snaky, very sneaky.”

“I was really disappointed because I felt like Malia and I got along well all season,” she said thinking they both respected each other. “I didn’t realize that our relationship was so bad.

Hannah also shared the photo Malia White sent to Yawn. “I like Malia’s settlement skills. So that’s prescribed Valium, CBD (which is legal in Spain), a lighter (not sure what this has to do with anything) and my passport holder… And for anyone interested the recipe is on the other side of the box as pictured,” she tweeted.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with Hannah. Malia has become a “kiss ass”, to Captain Sandy, and is thinking/acting like she’s “too big for her britches”.

    Without Hannah running the interior and making sure the guests are happy and taken care of, there would be no tips, and eventually no charters, and ultimately no show.

    Hey Malia. quit trying to run the whole boat

  2. Hannah does as little as she can get by with. The 2nd an 3rd stew are almost always working. She is the kiss ass an always has been. She loves to dress up the rest of the crew but doesn’t participate in the activities she sets up to entertain the guests.

  3. Milia is a little sneak. She was quick to throw one of her deck crew under the bus to the boss who finitely loves to micro manage everything at every minute and then to stage a sneak attack because she didn’t get her way about the cabin switch until she went to Sandy. If I saw Milia on any boat I was to get on, I would turn around and leave.
    She is a sneaky little bitch.
    I sure won’t watch this show anymore after Hannah’s gone.
    By the way, didn’t Hannah talk to Sandy last season about her anxiety ?? and taking meds for it ??

  4. I too agree with Hannah. You could tell this season that Hannah had had enough but what Malia did was unforgivable. The entire season so far she has been glued to Sandy’s back side, she’s a joke! I also thought it was funny how Malia every episode took it upon herself to remind “the guys” who was in charge. Talk about making women look bad! Ultimately she’s just a gossiping catty bitch and the show would be better off without her! Love you Hannah & Bugs!

  5. I agree she is a little kiss ass cry baby! Malia, meaning you. You’re not all that. She just wants bugsy as chief stew and her boyfriend as chef. I think I’ll watch captain lee from now on. Oh and you are one big tattle tale probably grew up telling on your brothers.

  6. It appears to me that Malia sent the photo to Captain Sandy after her discussion with Hannah about the cabin changes, therefore, it was mean, sneaky and underhanded.

  7. Fire capt sandy..fir fire Rico. Giving rooms to cabins so couple can screw each other..and over Hannah eiisue on cbd and Valium noon of her business

  8. Sandy and Malia make women in charge look bad. Sandy micromanages (doesn’t she have enough to do on tbe bridge?) and blatantly plays favorites. Malia is puffed up with her own self-importance. Neither is a good look. Sandy needs to stay in her lane (learn from Capt. Lee) and Malia needs to check her ego and remember that what goes around comes around. Hope she’s happy with her new title “The Snitch.” Always running to Sandy like Sandy’s her mother. And instead of telling her to handle it Sandy always jumps right in to please her pet. Pathetic!

  9. Clearly a spiteful move on Malia’s part. Her argument about being a couple with the chef doesn’t hold water. They weren’t hired as a package deal and there are only two weeks left to the season. Malia, karma’s a bitch and she’ll come around to see you when you least expect it!

  10. So basically Malia wants to be treated like any other male bosen would be…..UNTIL SHE DOESNT! What a hypocrite! She’s a “badass” until her boyfriend gets on board and she wants to snuggle??? Gross. Grow up Malia! You’re cool days are soooo over! You’re an annoying suck up.

  11. Malia is a snakey little bitch. Just look back at the season she had Adam and Wes involved in a love triangle with her. I could and have laughed at ALL of Malia’s efforts to look like Superwoman during this season. Captain Sandy likes people who kiss her ass and that is what Malia has been doing ALL season. Hannah was unfairly treated in this situation! Captain Sandy has had it out for Hannah for YEARS prior to this. ALOT of people in this world have anxiety problems. Hannah got thrown under the bus by Malia so that Malia could look like the hero at the end of the day. ALL my love and support go to Hannah Ferrier! I don’t think I’ll be watching Below Deck Mediterranean anymore. Captain Sandy used to be someone I respected. Now I can’t stand her. Good for you Hannah! You did yourself a BIG favor by quitting the show. You don’t deserve that shit anyway! Congratulations on your pregnancy and becoming a soon to be Mom. Hannah has ALL the integrity in the world.

  12. Malia White is nothing more than a brat that Sandy Yawn condoning such behavior. Unprofessional for Sandy to get on speaker phone to announce the cabin changes. Shame on Sandy Yawn to play into the hands of a manipulated employee!

  13. Seriously? Let’s just blame the bank teller for tattling on the thief. What ? Apples and Oranges? No comparison? That’s right! Just like flying a plane, supervising water and snow activities are absolutely to be drug and alcohol free. Absolutely! Common sense 101… Hannah take responsibility and admit anything, even when it’s caught on camera? Never once. Great for TV. Scary for charter guests. Unfair to coworkers. Embarrassing for the next captain who hires her. Luckily unlikely.

  14. Malia is a shady bitch. Look how she behaved with Adam and Wes a couple of seasons ago. I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw that boat.

  15. First Malia flirted with Adam and Wes at the same time. Where’s Wes now. I feel that instead of taking pictures of what Hannah had in her bag, why didn’t she question her first and give her the opportunity to go to Captain Sandy. She is low down. I’m no longer watching the rest of the season.

  16. I totally agree with Hannah. Malia is getting way too big for her britches and if somebody doesn’t stop her or set her straight she’ll just keep behaving the same way. I wouldn’t wish anxiety on anybody. That’s a mental health problem and I have extreme anxiety. When you have a panic attack you feel like you’re dying it’s scary you can’t breathe and some people as myself need medicine for it so for somebody to make light of that and say it’s bad is just disgusting it disgust me. You should be ashamed of yourself Malia.

  17. I completely agree with Hannah. I think Malia is getting way too big for her britches and somebody needs to set her down and straighten her out before it gets way out of hand. And I would never wish anxiety on anyone. I have anxiety very bad and when you have a panic attack it’s very scary because you can’t breathe and you feel like the world is crashing down on you and a huge weight is on your chest and you need medicine for that well most people do. I think Malia making light of a mental condition is disgusting.

  18. i think malia is a big cry baby and a big snitch always running to the capt to cry and snitch about something just cuz she doesnt get her way but hannah also is a bit lazy in my eyez always putting alot on the other stews when she should partake a lil more i think both malia and hannah both let their positions go to their heads the rest of the crew is awesome i also think bugs would b a better chief stew. Oh and remember snitches get stitches (malia) deserves them lol

  19. Where was the mature adult ? Crickets ! This episode was a scene right out of JrHigh School mean girls . Captain Sandy had one motive when she picked up the mic and that was to show Hannah who the boss was and egged on by Malia .

  20. I have always said before all this had happened that Malia became too big for her britches. Being Bosun went to her head and constantly reminding the guys who is boss is not a good leadership. She has no good leadership skills just kiss ass skills to Capt Sandy always running to her to throw someone under the bus. A leader sets the example and leads by example. She is suppose to be the mentor and that she is not a leader or mentor. She is a kiss ass who steps on toes to move up and it was a sneaky underhand to even mention her boyfriend to be the chief on the Yacht. She planned the whole thing. Sandy knew Hannah has anxiety and panic attacks. She needs meds for .That was wrong what Malia did taking a pic cause she wanted her way to be in the same cabin as her boyfriend. The little bitch can’t be trusted is a liar ,a snake and a sneak. Capt Sandy should of sided with he Chief Stew not the Bosun. Capt Sandy has her favorites and MALIA BECAME ONE OF THEM.. What a shame this show has gone down hill. Starting to suck….

  21. Pure MEAN GIRL MENTALITY, SNITCH/NARC move. She’s so far up Captain Sandy’s ass she can’t see the light of day. She was pissed that she wasn’t getting her way of having her boyfriend in the room with her immediately so she ran to tattle on her, such a childish move. Her crew members are always being reminded of who’s boss, which isn’t ok for morale. #boycottbdm

  22. Wow, what an ass kiss. Anyone that gets anxiety knows what CBD Oil and valium does for it. You are a narc ass bitch for doing that to Hannah. As for Sandy, for you to fire her just because she has a mental health issue, you don’t deserve to be called Captain. Bring back the Male that held the position before you. He was a captain.

  23. I wonder how much of what happens on these shows is done by the writers or whomever creats this and other shows like it- pthat it is real life as it happens. I find it hard to believe situations are not in the hands of directors.

  24. Love you Hannah & Bugsy 🥰 Congrats Hannah on your Precious Bundle of Joy 💕 but I now have to finish watching the season to see what happens, then it’s Good- Bye Sandy forever & Captain Lee always 🙂 Take Care girls and Stay safe.

  25. I feel that Mahlia’s actions were in retaliation of Hannah refusing to agree to room with Bugsy even if for 2 weeks. In sharing a cabin/bathroom with Hannah, I feel that Mahlia had to be aware of those items belonging to Hannah prior to sending the picture to Captain Sandy. She was mad at Hannah for not agreeing to room with Bugsy and she chose to be a “mean girl” by reporting it to the Captain vs. talking to Hannah about it. I lost all respect for Mahlia when she sent Captain Sandy the picture.

  26. Malia thinks that she knows everything !! The only thing. She knows is how to throw fellow workers under the bus !! She is a spoiled brat and only thinks of herself !! She is nothing more than a c-u- next Tuesday type of girl !! Very mean girl !! And captain Sandy has lost all of my respect !!! She is a disgusting person and I wouldn’t trust her with a bag of shit because she would eat it !!! She didn’t treat the chef with any respect and treated him like an idiot !! She knows so much maybe she should cook !! I will never watch the show again !!!

  27. Everyone with anxiety issues take meds. Malia went against Hannah like a mean bitch. She also went against everyone in the world that suffers that illness. What about malia when she snorts and 8 ball of cocaine every weekend. Now that us a drug !!!!! Malia you will gets your. Karma is a bitch.

  28. Malua, u make women look bad… Why did u havr to constantly play the WOMEN ARE IN CHARGE BIT? I eas so disgusted with this season… Back to Captain Lee and Sailing Yacht…. Captain Sandy, you ride evryones ass, no wonder they screen up, u dont let them do the job they NOT YOU have been trained to do .. Bye bye beliw deck Mediterranean… As a woman, you embarass me… Malua, plz get ur nose out of captain sandys ass…
    Bugs, YOU ROCK GIRL… Hannah is obviously ready for a different life… You got this Bugs, and God Speed to you Hannah

  29. Hannah I’m with you .Malia is a sneak we saw that w wes and the chef…but you threw kiko under the boat not telling sandpit was your menu for vegas nite . I hope you gave him your tip as well as his

  30. Malia is a social climber. Anyone who gets in her way is expendable. She was like that when she was trying to get the 2 guys to go against each other in her first trip. Now on the second one she doesn’t care who she has to move aside to get her way. Shes just spoiled, and as she climbs the ladder, look out. There’s gonna be more bodies thrown overboard. She plays a dirty game. Karma Malia. As far as Hanna , she knew that stuff was not to be on board. Hanna will do fine tho. She has a heart. Bugsy is a great gal as long as she does not side in with the devil and stays In her own lane and does her own stuff.

  31. Malia is a very new manager who has a lot to learn about dealing with people. Captain Sandy needs to be mentoring her instead of treating her as an equal.

  32. Malia handles her job with professionalism. She’s not into drama and is there to do her job and is damn good at it.
    I thought that was REALLY crappy of Hannah to act the way she did when Malia asked her if she and her boyfriend, NEW CHEF AND EMPLOYEE, could room together. Hannah was JEALOUS and that’s why she reacted the way she did. Did no one else see that?! Hannah said she and Bugsy had a rocky past (another way of saying DRAMA) so she wasn’t bunking with her. What the hell? Grow up Hannah! You and Bugsy were getting along fine! You’re going to have to grow up now that you’re having a child.

  33. Malia didn’t like that Hannah stood her ground about the cabin swap. So she jumped at the chance to “win”. Captain Sandy knew it was an underhanded move but took it as her chance to fire someone on camera. Hannah is not perfect but none of them are. Have you ever seen a confessional where Captain Sandy admits to making a wrong call or making any mistakes? Nah. ‘Captain’ must mean Jesus in her mind. I quit watching when Hannah was fired. She was a big part of that show.

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