Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Says Malia White’s Actions Were ‘underhanded’

Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Says Malia White’s Actions Were ‘underhanded’ Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Says Malia White’s Actions Were ‘underhanded’

Hannah Ferrier of Below Deck Mediterranean wants fans to understand that she doesn’t think Christine “Bugsy” Drake had anything to do with the photo Malia White shared with Captain Sandy Yawn.

During a crew room change, Malia White snapped a photo of Ferrier’s prescription valium and a CBD pen. Later she shared the photo with Yawn. Some viewers believed that White, Yawn and Drake conspired against Hannah Ferrier to get her fired.

“Hey, guys, thanks for all your kind words and support,” Hannah Ferrier shared on Twitter. “I feel like Bugs has been pulled into this situation, so I want to make something clear. I don’t think Bugs had anything to do with the photo that was sent to the sand or the consequences.”

Below Deck Med: Ferrier Does Not Think Drake Conspired To Send The Photo

While Ferrier and Drake had a rocky past, Hannah Ferrier said the photo had a very different level. A fan reminded Ferrier that Bugsy Drake was still not on her side. “I know. But those are 2 different things and there’s a lot of hatred coming over the picture etc. so I don’t want Bugs dragged into that hatred because that’s not fair,” replied Ferrier.

Bugsy Drake tried to defend herself on Twitter, especially when a fan accused her of having something to do with the photo. She also opened her own fight with fear on Instagram and was immediately torn apart. “I took down my previous post regarding my actual story. I got SUPER BRAVE for a minute sharing my personal experience… and then the criticism came flying regarding what was seen of me on a television show,” she wrote after deleting her first post.

Hannah Ferrier must have seen the hatred coming Drake’s way. Some fans were convinced that she was trying to set Ferrier on fire. “Bugsy I’ve always been a fan. But you have to understand that you’re being attacked for your behavior, not your work ethic. Two very different things. Even tonight, you and Malia took every chance you had to shoot Hannah. Tonight you both looked like a couple of mean girls,” tweeted a fan. “I didn’t mean to, I promise you! I’m really sad and I’m sorry people see it that way!” Bugsy Drake replied.

Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier Says Malia White’s Actions Were ‘underhanded’

Hannah Ferrier doesn’t blame Drake and says Malia White is responsible for the photo sent to Yawn. “I really didn’t realize that Malia and I were in such a bad place that she would do that,” said Ferrier in an Instagram Live broadcast after the episode. “It’s just very snaky, very sneaky.”

“I was really disappointed because I felt like Malia and I got along well all season,” she said thinking they both respected each other. “I didn’t realize that our relationship was so bad.

Hannah Ferrier also shared the photo Malia White sent to Yawn. “I like Malia’s settlement skills. So that’s prescribed Valium, CBD (which is legal in Spain), a lighter (not sure what this has to do with anything) and my passport holder… And for anyone interested the recipe is on the other side of the box as pictured,” she tweeted.

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